How to Stain Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Updated 2/15/21

The best custom cabinets can give people the chance to be more flexible with their kitchen cabinets. People may want a 3 door kitchen cabinet. These sorts of cabinets can make the process of storing food a little easier. People also just might like the way these kitchen cabinets look.

You can assemble your own cabinets and get more control over the process. Many custom cabinets at least give people the chance to do some of the assembly process themselves. They won’t be completely starting from the beginning, of course, and using completely fresh and raw materials. The process is still convenient, but people may find it easier to get the kitchen cabinets that they really want.

Some of the best cheap kitchens will feature these sorts of custom cabinets. Those kitchens obviously will not look as if they’re cheap, however, which will make a difference. People can have the benefits of a kitchen that looks great without worrying about spending thousands and thousands of dollars on it.

A cabinet refinishing service can help people save even more money by giving them the chance to use the kitchen cabinets that they already have. They can make those kitchen cabinets seem new again.

Cabinet renovations remain extremely popular. In fact, one study found that the demand for kitchen cabinets throughout the United States will grow to nearly $17.1 billion by the year 2021. Considering that, many homeowners want their door and cabinet hardware renovated. While 47% of millennials prefer white kitchen cabinets, many prefer to have these items stained. Many homeowners find that stained wood cabinets add style to any room. With that in mind, here is how to apply wood stain to cabinets.

Treating the Wood

Before using wood stains, you’ll need to treat what you’re working with. Treating wood is fairly simple, you’re going to be stripping it down. This ensures that you’re not applying furniture wood stain on top of any paint.

Applying the Stain

You’ll want to ensure that you’re using wood stains from the same base. If you were using General Finishes water based wood stain, you would want water based pre stains and topcoats. It’s time to begin applying pre stain to your wooden cabinets. You’ll want to apply pre stain with a brush while testing how it absorbs into the wood. Once you’re satisfied, wait about 15 minutes for the pre stain to fully dry.

Next, you’ll be applying the actual stain. After mixing up your stain material, you might consider testing this color on a small spot. For instance, you can begin testing the stain by applying it to a corner on your cabinet. If you’re satisfied with the shade, begin lightly brushing the stain into the wood. After applying your first coat of stain, leave the cabinets alone for about eight hours. If the wood looks too light, apply another layer of stain.

Adding a Topcoat

It’s now time to apply a top coat to your cabinets. Topcoats are placed on top of your stain. In turn, this helps to create layers of protection. Apply your layer of topcoat over every stained part of your kitchen cabinets. Give topcoat a few hours to dry. If you want more protection, you can add another layer of topcoat.

To summarize, it takes several steps to properly stain wooden cabinets. Whether you have a large or small kitchen, stained cabinets are amazing additions to any home. One study found that cabinets make up for 40-50% of kitchen renovation costs. That being said, it’s important to use the right staining products. Many homeowners prefer General Finishes water based wood stain.

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