Three Ways to Extend the Life of Your Wood Fence

Most homeowners in the US prefer the look of a traditional wood fence, and it’s easy to see why: compared to chain link fencing or newer models of vinyl fencing, they convey something that is both classic and wholesome. With that said, wooden fences tend to require more maintenance then their metal and vinyl counterparts. Here are three ways to extend the life of your fencing, from the first day after your fence installation and beyond.

Keep Your Fence in Compliance with the Law

Nearly all US states require fencing around residential swimming pools, and many others will require that your fence be a certain height if you have a dog or are raising livestock. These laws vary from state to state and change all the time, so experts recommend that you have a property survey every four years or so to make sure your fence is installed appropriately.

>Power Wash it

Over time, your wood fencing will start to appear gray and worn from the elements. Before you start looking into a new fence installation, try hosing your fence down with a power washer. Ask your local hardware or fencing store about renting a power washer–you’ll want one that operates at up to 2,500 psi to remove those graying, aged wood cells from the surface of your fence. Connect the power washer to your garden hose and spray from about 18 inches away. You’ll know it’s time to stop when the fence stops changing color.

Stain It

If your fence is still lacking some of its luster after a power wash, make sure you stain it with a wood oil stain. Opting for a stain, as opposed to a paint, will allow the natural textures of the wood to show through while also sealing in the natural fibers. Let your fence dry completely after you give it a wash and apply your stain with a paint roller. A wood fence stain should last for roughly three and a half years, so it helps to have the materials on hand for when you know your fence will need a spruce.

Wooden fences require a little more care than other forms of fencing, but they’ll still stand out in any neighborhood for adding a little classic flair. With a little planning and access to the right tools, you can keep your wooden fence looking good long after it’s installed.

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