3 Landscaping Ideas that Will Benefit from Crushed Concrete

Landscaping improvements is something that every homeowner looks to when looking to improve the eye and curb appeal of their home. Uses for crushed concrete can add to the curb appeal by incorporating it into your landscape ideas in a few ways. As little as 5% of your home’s value spent on landscaping can increase the return on investment by as much as 150%, and proper landscaping can increase the resale value of a home by as much as 14%. Landscaping is obviously important and a popular home improvement for homeowners, but sand, fill dirt and grass aren’t the only things incorporated into landscaping. Read below to see how crushed concrete can be a cost saving alternative to landscaping ideas that incorporate other materials.


Landscape mulch is a common product that many homeowners use. The main use for this is to cover up the fill dirt that surrounds their gardens and trees. Mulch is a good product that serves it purpose, but it’s not the only option homeowners have. There are other options and they are far more beneficial than mulch. Pea gravel is a good substitute for mulch, crushed concrete and other rocks also work well in the place of regular mulch. Using other options can make for a cleaner landscape and help you determine uses for crushed concrete. Many people don’t even think about using pebbles and crushed concrete instead of mulch, but doing so can be a more permanent solution. Mulch must be replaced regularly and other options don’t. Mulch is a perfect alternative for simple uses for crushed concrete because just like pebbles, both of these options are lighter than normal mulch. This lighter color can give your garden the appearance of being bigger than what it really is. Using gravel and utilizing the different uses for crushed concrete allow you to transform your backyard garden into an oasis of stress relief that you can sit and relax in.


Using gravel, rocks and crushed concrete can be a great base for additions to your garden area. Whether you are installing a fountain or any other installation choosing these materials will serve better than choosing normal fill dirt or sand. Choosing gravel, pebbles and crushed concrete gives an clean open appearance and can easily be kept in place with common edging materials. Brick, plastic and metal are all used for edging and all of these materials work well no matter what type of base you choose to use.


Choosing to add a walkway to your garden or yard can add value and eye appeal. Walkways are great especially when the right materials are used. Consider bricks and pebbles for a walkway but don’t discount crushed concrete. If you prefer stones for a walkway use pebbles, stones or crushed concrete to fill in the space between the stepping stones. Even if you just choose to use a pebble, stone or crushed concrete pathway and no stone at all, it will give your pathway and your yard a warm welcoming appeal and draw visitors to where the walkway leads. Use these walkways to lead visitors to a fountain, patio or deck with sitting areas.

Not all landscape ideas have to be the common run of the mill ideas and contemplating uses for crushed concrete can help incorporate that material into some of your ideas saving you money. There is no right or wrong way to properly landscape a home, and any idea will most likely yield a favorable result. Choosing to use material like crushed concrete can yield the same results for much less than other similar materials. When it comes to your landscaping needs, don’t dismiss the option of using crushed concrete for your projects.

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