Basic Means to Ensure That Your Home Is Energy Efficient

Home repairs can sometimes be a hassle, but they are necessary. Your home, which is a both a place of residence for your family, contains all of your livelihood and its possessions. To allow the protective qualities of your home to decline is to increase the risk that your possessions and livelihood might be damaged. Although the protective elements of the home might be considered to be the roofing and siding, the doors and windows of your home are as much a part of this category.

What is it that makes these parts of your home so important? Well, there are a number of reasons:


  • Drafty windows cause you to lose energy, sometimes increasing your monthly energy bill by 25%
  • If the windows of your home are single-paned, they are not as effective as they could be; dual-paned windows are two times as effective at retaining heat
  • Properly maintained high-quality windows can last 20 years or longer, meaning you get the most out of your investment


  • A weak, poorly-secured door makes for an unsafe house; 33% of home break-ins happen through the door of a home
  • A high-quality fiberglass entry door, on average, has a return on investment (ROI) of over 80%

Home improvement — window replacements and door replacements — might be overwhelming at first, all for the cost, but they pay themselves off in due time.

If you’re thinking such renovations need to be made, you should consider seeking the help of a home improvement company. Such a company can help solidify an idea of what work needs to be completed on your home, determining whether or not you need new windows, deck paint, crown molding and more.

In the event that you need new windows, it is likely that the company will recommend Andersen Windows. The types of windows needed for your home will come down to the recommendations of the home improvement company, as well as your own personal preference, and Andersen Windows will have every option available for you.

From gliding windows to bay windows, awning windows to double-hung windows, Andersen Windows will be able to offer you a variety of chances when renovating and maintaining your home. The type of window you want to use will depend on the shape of the previous window and whether or not you want to change that at all, along with how efficient you want the window to be. No matter the decisions you and your contractor decide to make, it is almost a given that Andersen Windows will have the exact window you have in mind.

Similarly, if your home is in need of a door, Andersen Windows also offers high-quality, secure doors that will provide you a high ROI. When maintaining the protective parts of your home, they will have your back, providing you with the exact products to make your home improvement well worth it.

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