Can Your Interior Decorating Really Affect Your Mood? Recent Studies Show It Can Make All The Difference

Cane rack

The interior of your home says everything about you. When it looks incomplete, messy or rushed? That can be the death of a reputation before it even had a chance to live.

What are your biggest concerns when inviting people over to your home? Do you worry they’ll catch sight of your dirty laundry in the corner or that your home accents don’t match? If it’s the latter…that’s nothing a smart cane holder or umbrella stand can’t fix. Interior design is a careful blend of color, placement and all the little objects you gradually accumulate over the years. Too many Americans today are dissatisfied with the state of their home, spelling doom for their mood every time they walk through the front door and kick off their shoes.

What could a brass plant pot or cane holder do to bring your place together?

The Function Of Accent Pieces

Good home decor is everything. It makes you feel whole. It looks great to your guests. It’s the gift that keeps on giving and is one of the most prominent ways of making sure your household is always showing off its best side. According to a HomeGoods survey, a mere one out of five Americans are actually happy with their home decor. What does this mean for your home and the hidden potential it holds?

Cane Holder

Let’s start off with a little old-fashioned goodness. It wasn’t until after the 1600’s did canes become fashionable for men to carry canes as part of their daily attire. Today’s modern world is starting to better appreciate the classic approach and that extends to both fashion and interior design. Online antique sales in the United States produced $1 billion back in 2016. A wooden cane holder can add a sense of polish to any living room or dining hall.

Brass Pot

Perhaps the cane holder isn’t quite what you’re looking for. What could a brass planter do instead? Filling up the corners of your home involves a little thinking, but you’ll soon find yourself enjoying the sensation of a complete home. Copper is considered humanity’s oldest metal, dating back over 10,000 years and still being in active use today. A brass plant pot can be filled with all sorts of items to give your home that rustic, slapdash charm you see in magazine spreads.

Small Paintings

Do you have an artistic side that isn’t being nurtured? Consider giving your creative mind some acknowledgement with some small paintings. These can be put near your stovetop to inject some personality in your kitchen or over your bed to tie your room together. Paintings should reflect your interests and provide some charm, so don’t just go with what’s popular! Whether you’re a fan of abstract art or fantasy works, whatever speaks to you will speak to the rest of the home.

Creating A Home You’re Proud Of

Antiques are relics of the past that make our present and future brighter. According to an official definition issued by the United States Customs Service, antiques are items that are 100 years old or older. Adding decor to your home is a careful process between appreciating history and appreciating who you are as a person. A cane holder can represent someone’s old-fashioned sensibilities, while beautiful painting arrangements decorating the hallway can show off your creative soul. According to a recent survey, over 90% of Americans believe a room’s decor can leave a positive impact on your mood.

Your home is just begging to be spruced up. Give in to your hidden artist and see how an antique umbrella stand or mahogany cane holder can transform it from the inside out.

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