Using Your Fireplace A Lot This Winter? Remember To Have The Chimney Inspected!


Spring cleaning means lots of things for everyone, but for many homeowners it involves the maintenance and sometimes replacement of roofing, masonry, and chimneys. These items often get overlooked because they cannot be easily done my just anyone. In many cases it involves the homeowner contacting a company that specializes in the work and scheduling someone to come out and do it for them. No matter how big of a hassle you might feel like this work is, it is absolutely necessary to keep your home in sound condition. Below are a few quick facts about roof care, masonry repair, and chimney upkeep:

Roof Care – Everyone knows the importance of having a strong roof, but do we really take care of them the way that we should? According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, a roof should be inspected at least twice a year. These inspections should be handled by a professional so that they can check for stability and report back to you on what may need to be upgraded or repaired. Properly maintaining roofs can help you avoid leaks, broken shingles, and much more.

Masonry Repair – Did you know that over 70 percent of the world’s buildings are constructed with masonry? Many homes in America that are made with masonry are older which is just one of the reasons that they need to be properly maintained. You may think that because masonry is made of stone that it would withstand lots of different things, but in fact, things like weather and pollution can actually lead to the breaking down of masonry.

Chimney Upkeep – Everyone loves to warm up by the fire in the winter time, but in order to do that you really need to make sure that your chimney is clean. Keep in mind that your home’s chimneys, vents, and fireplaces should be inspected at least once a year, and cleaned out before each season of use. If a chimney is used and not cleaned it could produce harmful smoke that could make its way into your home and your family’s lungs. Having a contract with a local chimney sweeping company is one way to make sure you do not forget!

As a homeowner, there are tons of things for you to think about when it comes to cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep. The three things mentioned in this article: roof care, masonry repair, and chimney upkeep are larger tasks that may be best handled by professionals. If you connect with a local company who handles all three of these items then you might want to ask if they have a contract system where they can keep up with the timelines for your home’s maintenance. Doing that will allow you to focus on the projects at your home that you can handle by yourself or with a friend or two.

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