Customers Will Avoid Businesses With Dirty Parking Lots And Yards Why You Should Hire Garbage Services

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Cleanliness is one of the first things a customer will notice about your business. Are you tidying up?

It doesn’t hurt to make sure! Yard waste and filthy parking lots are a pretty dependable way of driving away repeat visitors, much less first-time customers, and the last thing you want for the new year is a bad start. Commercial garbage pickup for small and large businesses is a resource you can count on to clean up your act. The top five list below will detail all the benefits you’ll gain from a simple sweep job, from encouraging customer loyalty to improving the environment one removed cigarette butt at a time.

You Gotta Go Green

Being environmentally friendly isn’t just a trend. It’s a necessity! With the Earth’s oceans projected to have more trash than fish over the next few decades and air pollution worse than it’s ever been, change needs to start small and start fast. Yard waste eliminates plastics, harmful chemicals, glass, gunk and bacteria from the environment, keeping plants healthy and people comfortable. The average person will generate four pounds of trash every day — as you can imagine, businesses make much more than that! Keeping useful materials circulating through different industries with recycling will help you in the long-term. In fact…

Save Money With Recycling

Let’s keep this ball rolling. Recycling is one of the best ways to encourage a green outlook because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Recycling just one ton of cardboard will save over nine cubic yards of landfill space — considering landfills are a notorious hazard to the environment, this is a double whammy that will be felt by everyone! Over $11 billion is spent every year just to clean up litter, meaning we need to invest in money saving measures that will put green back into our pockets. Glass, plastic, paper, cardboard and linens are easily reused without a drop in quality, so bust out those recycling bins and set a new challenge for your brand this year!

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal…it’s not just for real estate anymore! Don’t put your business in the bad spot of explaining itself when a new customer drops by. Give them a solid first impression by managing your yard waste week in and week out — parking lots can be home to dropped trash, cigarette butts and old gum, giving it a trashy appearance that will drive people away rather than invite them forward. Studies have shown nearly 88% of Americans have access to either curbside or drop-off paper recycling programs, to boot, so placing some cleverly designed recycle bins can even encourage customers to give you a helping hand.

Support Your City

Yes, garbage removal can even extend to making your city a more hospitable place to live. After all, who likes stepping on old trash on the way to the local cafe? The waste hierarchy is a term used to describe how a city does with reducing, reusing and recycling its trash. Waste management can encompass as many as 20 different industries, but thankfully, yard waste is as easy as calling a service to come over and give your business a check-up. It costs around $30 per ton to recycle trash — compared to over $50 per ton to send it to a landfill, this is a business mindset everyone can appreciate.

Reach Out To Recycling Services Every Week

Make a clean-up session something to look forward to. Organic materials form the largest component of municipal solid waste, with paper and cardboard accounting for nearly 28% and yard trimmings another 28%. This means clearing up your yard waste can go a very long way in reducing landfill size, cleaning up your city and saving money. According to studies provided by the United Nations Centre For Human Settlements, less than half of waste generated in big cities are actually collected by authorities. This means the responsibility is on you to make a change.

Set a trend this year. Make yard waste clean-up a new good habit!

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