Four Household Renovations to Make You More Comfortable this Winter

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Before the temperatures drop and the heat gets turned on, it can be helpful to evaluate your household and ensure that it is ready for winter. Winter often brings extreme cold and high amounts of snowfall. These home improvement tips will not only prepare your house for the coming winter but will also ensure that your home is comfortable at an affordable price.

Do a thorough inspection

You don?t know what needs to be improved if you do not first do a thorough inspection of the house. For this inspection, specifically, pay attention to improvements that will help to heat your house. Look for any leaks or window cracks. Do an inspection of the attic and see how cold or warm it is. This inspection can give you a good idea of the insulation of your house and how well it will keep the heat in. Your inspection should also include an HVAC inspection and possibly, a tune up.

Repair any broken or leaking windows

Think about how many windows are in your house. If even just one or two of them are cracked and leaking heat, it can significantly affect your home heating costs. It can also make it difficult to achieve a comfortable temperature in the house. Keep track of how old your windows are and know when it is time to replace them. When windows are of a higher quality and they are properly maintained with inspections and repairs, they can last 20 years or longer, depending on the material. If you do opt for new home windows, make sure you get a professional window installation. Improper window installation can also leak out heat.

If you are going to schedule new window installation, it can also be beneficial to choose a window material that is known for lasting and insulating. High quality dual paned windows are a great option because they are about two times as effective at retaining heat and AC as the single paned units installed only a couple of decades ago. If you are going to get new windows, make sure you go with a durable window installation.

Check the integrity of the roof

The roof is also an important part of holding heat in the house. If the roof is damaged, it will not properly insulate the house. Schedule your roofing contractors many weeks before the beginning of winter. If you require roof repairs or even a new roof, you will have sufficient time to plan for it. If you are not ready to get a new roof, you can always have it patched and repaired until spring comes back around and you have more time to price shop for a new roof. You can usually get a good idea of how well the roof is keeping heat in and the cold out by monitoring the temperature of the attic.

Install a programmable thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat can be extremely beneficial in keeping heat costs down. A programmable thermostat monitors the temperature in your household and only turns on the heat when needed. It can also learn your household habits, including bedtime and wake times. It will automatically decrease the amount of heat in the house when everyone is asleep or away from the house. A reduction in the thermostat by even a degree or two can save you hundreds on heating costs.

More than 50% of homeowners surveyed by Houzz renovated their homes in 2014.While many housing renovations actually occur in the spring and summer months, fall renovations may be more useful. Fall renovations allow you to make changes to your house that improves its insulation and efficiency. Before winter comes, check your roof, windows, and thermostat. Making these types of repairs and updates can reduce your home heating bills and increase the comfort of your house this winter.

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