Homeowner Pro Tips 3 Ways to Cut Energy Costs


Owning a home can be so rewarding if you know what you’re doing. As long as you’re being responsible with money, staying on top of your home’s maintenance needs, and are performing a few specific jobs every once in a while, you’ll be living comfortably.

Many homeowners, however, aren’t able to relax too much because they are always behind on bills or major projects. If you aren’t careful and fall into this kind of home ownership behavior, you could end up stressing yourself out and finding it very hard to actually sit down and relax. That’s why you should figure out all the best ways to save some money so you have enough cash to address certain issues when they come up.

Here are a few homeowner pro tips on how to cut costs around your property.

Use solar hot water heaters

Solar water heating is a great way to save on your home’s energy bills. According to Energy Star, solar hot water heaters can actually reduce the average household’s water heating costs by 50%. Make sure you’re working with a trusted solar company, however, so you are getting quality water heaters installed properly.

Limit the air conditioning in the summer

Some parts of the U.S. get so hot that it’s almost impossible to imagine a summer without air conditioning. If you’re serious about saving money, however, you should try your best to at least cut down on the amount of time that you’re actually running your AC unit. Try to keep your home cool with ceiling fans and whole-house fans instead of AC to avoid overusing your home’s electricity.

Unplug all your appliances and devices

Even when you’re not using many of these devices, you’re still paying for them. You should unplug your televisions, computers, cell phone chargers, microwave, coffee makers, and anything else in your home that is constantly plugged in. Plugging all these devices into a single power strip and then turning them all off at once is an even better way to handle your electronics and save cash.

Be careful of running the AC too often, unplug all those devices, and use solar hot water heaters to save money on your home. And if you want to take your new eco-conscious lifestyle to the next level, contact solar companies in your area to go from cutting energy to making energy.

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