Does the Material of My Roof Gutters Really Make a Difference Over Time?

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Are you making sure to schedule gutter maintenance twice a year? We don’t typically think about our roof gutters very often unless a problem occurs unexpectedly. While they’re not the flashiest part of a house, gutters do need a certain level of care to perform properly. This means that the actual material the roof gutters are made of, the installation, and the maintenance are all equally important.

Is There Just One Special Material or Technique That Will Help Me Get Out of Cleaning the Gutters?

While some materials are better at avoiding problems than others, every type of roof gutters are going to require some attention periodically to ensure they are performing correctly. It is simply the nature of their function that blockages can accumulate and mold can grow. Some gutters are made with materials that make this normal process easier, and other make it harder. You’ll want the gutters that make it hard or nearly impossible for mold to grow. With that said, the benefits of copper gutters cannot be denied.

Stylish and Incredibly Functional: Copper Gutters Do It All.

The bright gleam of copper roof gutters on a house does create a certain degree of style that aluminum or galvanized steel ones do not. However, the nature of copper is not to remain bright and gleaming forever; a process called verdigris patina will cause it to turn to a soft green shade after a decade or two. Don’t worry, as this is a normal process. Copper has the advantage of being impervious to rust or rot from algae, with the estimated lifespan extending to 100 years when cared for properly. When compared to vinyl that might last at most 20 years, the winner is clear.

With Copper Gutters, It Might Be Better to Steer Clear of DIY.

As you might have guessed, these benefits of copper do come at a price. When compared to other options, copper does on average cost about twice as much. It is also known to be a bit fickle during installation, so this is one job where corners cannot be cut by going at it yourself. Should you decide on copper gutters for your home, it’s better to hire a professional.

These upfront costs might deter many home owners, but consider the fact that once a copper gutter is properly installed, it’s pretty much going to stay right there for the next 100 years, whereas you’ll be replacing that cheaper vinyl option after the first 20 if we’re being generous. It’s something to think about when looking at all your options.

What to Do About Gutter Maintenance: You Have Two Options.

Gutters need to be cleaned regularly, with twice a year being the gold standard. Simply put, excessive debris can cause quite a few problems. While you likely don’t notice the accumulation, it might surprise you to see how much gunk ends up in the gutters. Leaves, sticks, feathers, etcetera will block the flow of rain water. The result is a soggy mass that causes overflow, which leads to dampness along the edge of the roof, which might lead to the gutters pulling away from the roof, leading to a sudden spout of water pouring down.

In fact, the number one cause of basement water problems are caused by troublesome roof gutters. It surprises many a homeowner that the two are related. Yet, this is such a simple issue to resolve: clearing away debris to prevent blockages and the creation of mold. Of course, some materials are more susceptible than others, which is why it is helpful to do one’s research before deciding on the one with the cheapest price.

Our home’s rain gutters don’t get enough credit for the work they do. For homes in rainy or snowy climates especially, gutters are responsible for keeping the rest of the house dry. Take care of yours by scheduling regular maintenance checks, whether by your own hand or through a service. The right material can make the job easier, so choose gutters that are resistant to algae and mold formation. Following these easy steps should keep your home snug and dry all winter long for years to come.

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