3 Types of Lighting to Choose From For Household Tasks

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The lighting inside of your home is important for many reasons. Most homeowners utilize their lights rather frequently. Without modern sources of light, you would struggle to see after the sun goes down. Lights that are not bright enough would make it difficult to read, participate in hobbies, and easily see from one room to the other. There are three basic types of lighting for the interior of the home including ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is a dimmer type of lighting. You could compare it to the small dim that comes out of your computer. Ambient lighting is often used when normal household lights would be too much, but some level of lighting is needed. Some people prefer ambient lighting for romantic dinners, evening reading, or completing tasks, like working, throughout the night. Ambient lighting can be achieved by using dimond lighting sources or with modern recessed lighting from bowery lighting.

Recessed lighting is actually one of the most common types of modern light options today. The great thing about recessed lighting is that you can control the amount and type of light that you desire. Most recessed lights are installed with a push lever, rather than a simple on and off switch. You can simply push the lever until you have reached your desired amount of ambient lighting.

Task lighting

Task lighting sources are more specific to their area. Task lighting is not usually used for an entire room, but instead is installed around a set project area. For example, task lighting might be used in a garage office or basement bedroom. It may be installed into one single corner or workspace in the bedroom, rather than throughout the entire room. Matthews fans may also be accompanied with task lighting to provide better temperature control in the direct area of the lighting.

Task lighting might also be used to provide additional light to an already well lit area. These areas are usually focus points in the room, such as the dining room table in the dining room or the kitchen island counter in the kitchen. The brightest spot in the dining room should be the table. To draw people in, install a chandelier or pendant above the table. Limit the total wattage to about 100. Also installing Matthews fans above the dining room table can better control the temperature in an area that sees the most foot traffic.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is similar to task lighting, expect that its purpose is usually for aesthetics. A homeowner might install accent lighting into the bathroom to improve the overall look or to achieve a modern bathroom look. Bowery lights have some of the best accent lighting options available. In addition to choosing a lighting fixture that goes well with your room design, it is also important to choose the appropriate type of light. Many people are unaware that bulbs come in different colors and serve different purposes. For example, fluorescent bulbs are five times more energy efficient than incandescent or halogen bulbs. Installing fluorescent bulbs alongside Matthews fans can create a beautiful looking room that is also energy efficient.

Lighting is an important part of the housing design process. There are different types of lighting, different lighting fixtures, and even differing light bulb types. When you are choosing the right type of lighting for your household, first consider the purpose of the room. How much lighting do you require? What types of activities will require the light? What is the current design of the room? How will Matthews fans fit in with the lighting that is chosen?

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