Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Home From Flooding

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One of the greatest nightmares for any homeowner is having their home flood. While Mother Nature is responsible a good amount of the time, your plumbing might also be to blame. It’s good to have a plumbing service that you can you rely on if you need plumbing repair or just need some plumbers to come out and check over your pipes and equipment. A full septic tank or clogged pipes or drains and leaking water heaters can contribute to flooding inside your home and not having a backflow valve can prove detrimental if your sewer system floods and backs up into your house. In addition to knowing a good plumbing service, you should consider opting in to flood insurance, as flooding is usually not covered under homeowner’s insurance. Even if you live in a typically dry area, FEMA reports that in just the last five years, all 50 states have experienced flooding. Be smart and safeguard your home and possessions now.

What Can Lead to Flooding?

An average 2,000 square foot home that has even an inch of flooding can see over $20,000 in damages. A little water goes a long way. A full up septic tank will prevent good drainage and can back up or turn a part of your yard into a toxic sludgy mess. Neither option is particularly appealing. Solid waste that settles to the bottom of the tank can lead to a clog in your septic tank system, which further complicates your problem and can threaten a flood.

Keep an eye out and if things are draining slowly or you see extra marshy patches in your yard, it’s probably time to check the septic tank. Calling in a plumbing service to help keep your septic tank maintained and pumping is an excellent idea here.

Make sure things are raised off the ground level — both indoors and outdoors — and try to grade your home so that water flows away from it, not towards it. During a heavy rainstorm, having water flow towards your home can be disastrous. Keeping your gutters, drains, and spouts clear of leaves or other debris is also key.

Why Else Should I Have a Plumber Come Out?

An emergency shouldn’t be the only time you call up a plumbing service. Fixing small leaks around the house or having them come do inspection and maintenance at least annually isn’t a bad idea and can save you money in the long run. Having your home regularly inspected and maintained can also prevent big problems from cropping up unexpectedly. A plumber might be able to spot a budding issue on a regular maintenance visit and take care of it before it becomes a major problem.

If you can fix water leaks that are easily corrected in your home, you might see as much as 10% of a savings on your water bills. Furthermore, you’re helping conserve water. About 10% of homes with leaks waste 90 or more gallons every single day.

How Do I Find a Good Plumbing Service?

Checking in with family and friends is usually a good way to find a reliable plumbing service. They may have a longstanding plumber that they use and can recommend to you. There are also online services that rate or suggest plumbing services that you may find useful to check, as well as advice on what to ask a plumber or what you should expect from them.

Checking several potential plumbers’ websites to see their quotes, background, reputation, and reviews is also a good way to double check your choice of a plumber. Be sure to gather a few different quotes and do a comparison of services offered for the price. You want an experienced plumber with a good reputation, who’s a local in the area.

Keeping an eye on your plumbing services can help you avoid any nasty surprises. And if an accident does happen, it’s good to have the number of a plumber you trust readily available!

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