Important Times to Schedule Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

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The carpet that lies throughout our households tends to suffer a lot of wear and tear. In especially high traffic areas, it may even seem permanently soiled. With so many things that can damage our carpets, they are likely one of the dirtiest places in our homes. Traditional cleaning methods, such as with a handheld or regular vacuum, pulls up debris and hair but do not clean the deeper levels of the carpet. Over time, harmful bacteria and germs can grow within the carpets. Carpet cleaning services are not used nearly enough, but can be effective in the proper cleaning of carpet materials. Consider using the services of a carpet cleaning company after the following occasions.

Between each season
The changing of the seasons is a great way to remember to have your carpets professionally cleaned. When the winter changes into the summer, you are probably already focused on spring cleaning tasks. Winter also brings about dry skin and results in an increased time of shedding. Dust particles are comprised of 70% dead skin flakes, many of which make it into your carpet during these cold and dry months.

Your carpets also probably see an increase in foot traffic during the summer months, so cleaning between the summer and winter seasons can also be beneficial. Household members are also more likely to change out their large, winter boots for bare feet, exposing them more to the carpets. Use the changing of the seasons as a reminder that it is time to schedule your carpet cleaning service.

After a large mess
Some messes are simple to clean up. Others, well, they require more cleaning products and more time on our hands and knees, scrubbing at the carpet. If your carpet experienced a large mess, such as a large spill, a soiling incident, or a flooding, it is important to schedule your carpet cleaning company as soon as possible. Even if you are able to clean the surface of the dirty carpet, it is very possible that parts of the mess were absorbed into the fibers of the carpet. A carpet cleaning company can also be helpful in lifting troublesome stains.

After entertaining
Many homeowners schedule their commercial cleaning service prior to entertaining guests. They do this with the intention of making their home as clean and welcoming as possible. However, it can actually be more beneficial to wait and schedule that cleaning until after the guests have left. When you entertain multiple guests in your home, especially for an extended period of time, you are increasing the number of germs throughout your home. Many of these germs make it into the carpets.

With an estimated 60 million days of school and 50 million days of work lost annually because of the common cold, you want to take every precaution possible. Scheduling a carpet cleaning company after your guests leave can allow them to properly sanitize your rooms flooring. You will reduce the mixing of the germs, and also the chances of becoming ill.

When moving into a new home
Most households are empty when the new residents move in. They are empty of furniture and belongings, but the walls, appliances, and carpets remain. Considering that you and your family will spend a lot of time on your new home?s carpet, it can be beneficial to have it professionally cleaned, before you move all of your belongings in. Some tenants require move out cleaning services, which usually includes carpet cleaning, but this is not usually the case when purchasing a new house.

Carpets are common flooring materials in many households across the country. They appear easy to clean, but can harbor bacteria and other germs in the fibers of the carpet materials. Traditional vacuuming does not remove such bacteria, and professional carpet cleaning services are required. Regular carpet cleaning is extremely important. It is most beneficial to schedule carpet cleaning services between each season, after entertaining overnight guests, after a large scale mess, and when you purchase and move into a new house. 10% of the cleaning revenue is earned by carpet and upholstery cleaning services, making it a very popular cleaning industry.

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