Don’t Have a Dowdy Living Room Replace Your Sofa Each Decade

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Does your home look like a page from a magazine? No, of course it doesn’t. It’s not an empty house, but a well-loved home. If you didn’t know already, the difference between a house and a home is that you actually live in the second one, with the result being that things tend to accumulate. The average family’s day to day grind results in piles of mail, random pieces of clothing, and toys accumulating on every surface.

Even a fair dedication to reducing the clutter in one’s house will not be enough to make things look like a magazine spread. Tidying up really is something that needs to be done everyday, if only for a couple of minutes. A day or two of letting things go can have disheartening results, with you wondering why it always ends up the same.

You’re not alone in your skirmishes against laundry piles and cat hair. Besides, those sleek images had a home staging company come through to make every single piece of furniture and knick knack look just the right amount of stylish, which is something the average homeowner would never think to do. Still, implementing a few interior decorating ideas can result in a more polished, if not always immaculate, living room.

Modern interior design ideas change every decade or so. Think back to the interior design for the living room in the fifties compared to the eighties, as compared to the streamlined look of today’s living rooms. A survey completed by the home supply store HomeGoods found that nearly 47% of people have not updated their living room furniture or style in five years, and 9% haven’t changed anything in over 10 years. The problem with waiting so long is that pieces of furniture, especially the upholstery, will eventually look used and worn.

The average sofa will last somewhere between seven and 15 years, depending on its construction and care. Sofa designs do not quite go in and out of style every five years the way clothes do. But a sofa that is older, such as one that was picked up second-hand or held onto throughout the decades will definitely make a room look down right dowdy. It is not so uncommon: a surprising 54% of homeowners think a sofa should last 20 years, or even longer. Let’s hope they also think annual steam cleanings are a good idea.

If you open just about any home design magazine you are sure to get at least a few interior decorating ideas. Knowing your preferences when it comes to home decoration is necessary before you get started. However, knowing what you like and knowing what will work with your lifestyle are very different.

It is not necessary to hire an interior decorator, but they can help you narrow down your choices. For example, maybe you think white couches look sharp and clean. But perhaps you have a dog that won’t stay off the couches, or you have small children who are notorious for having sticky hands. In this instance, a light colored couch is unwise unless you plan to be diligent with the cleaning spray.

It is good to have interior decorating ideas that work with your lifestyle. Doing so will help you be able to relax in your living room, which is the final goal. If you can do that, and still have a room that looks nice and polished when guests come over, you have a well-decorated room.

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