Four Important Spring Cleaning Tasks

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Spring is almost here and winter weather will be replaced with rainy, warm weather. Spring is a common time for home repairs or spring cleaning tasks. We complete many of the tasks that we put off over the long, cold winter. We prepare our houses for the summer months. Some of these tasks are completed to prepare the house for summer weather, while others are done in preparation of summer entertaining. Either way, be sure you take care of all of your home?s necessary spring tasks.

Window cleaning

The windows remain shut for most of the winter. The air is simply too cold to let in. This also means you have probably not cleaned your windows since last summer. They are probably pretty dirty now and may have streaks of snow melted across them. As soon as spring?s warmth arrives, open all of your windows and begin cleaning. Be sure to clean out the screens and the window ledges. Your windows will be ready to open to let in the wonderful spring breeze.

Deck or patio cleaning

Your deck or patio will be used primarily for barbequing or entertaining over the spring and summer months. It is the one area of your home that guests will see the most of. After many winter months, it is likely to need a good and thorough cleaning. Deck cleaning solutions depend on the type of materials used when building your deck and what types of paint and sealants have since been used on it. Deck cleaning solutions may also depend on how dirty the deck is. Small amounts of debris can be removed simply by power washing it with warm water. However, in order to power wash, you may have to seal or remove peeling paint first.

More severe of stains and debris may need to be scrubbed with strong deck cleaning solutions. If you need to clean a painted deck, you will want to find products that are safe for paint. This is usually in the form of gentler cleaners, as harsh chemicals can strip away the paint or leave it looking dull. If you are unsure about which types of deck cleaning solutions to use, consider using a professional deck cleaning company.

Gutter inspection and repair

Gutters can easily be damaged from heavy snowfall or the accumulation of ice. Broken gutters not only look bad, but they also prevent rain fall from properly leaving the roof. Gutters are also necessary in removing leafs and other types of debris from damaging the roof. This spring, start off your gutter repairs with an inspection of all gutters. Look for any cracks, clogged gutters, or additional damages. You may need to fix gutters that are badly damaged. Gutters that are beyond repair will require new gutter installation.

Carefully research the different types of gutters that are available. Aluminum gutters, one of the most popular choices are available in seamless or in sections held together with rivets or screws and sealed with caulk. Lightweight (.025 inch thick) and medium weight (.027 inch) aluminum are susceptible to denting and bending, heavyweight (.032 inch) aluminum lasts longer, about 25 years. Also, consider rain gutters if the location of your house experiences a lot of rainfall.

Driveway cleaning

Heavy amounts of snow can also affect the quality and cleanliness of your driveway. Concrete driveway cleaning will depend on a few factors, such as material of driveway and the type of debris on it. A power washer may be effective, or you may have to heavily scrub it. Scrubbing the driveway takes a bit more time and effort, but it only needs to be done once or twice yearly to keep the driveway looking nice. It should be completed once in the spring and then again, at the end of summer, preparing for the coming winter months.

Before we know it, spring will be here. We will be met with wetter, yet warmer weather. Spring cleaning tasks will become a common part of our weekend. Important spring cleaning tasks include window cleaning, driveway cleaning, deck painting and cleaning, and gutter repairs. These spring cleaning tasks will ensure you are ready for an effortless summer.

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