9 Reasons to Choose Spiral Ducts Over Rectangular

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Believe it or not, duct fabrication is quite a complex lie of work. There are various different kinds of ducts that you can use. It’s not a cut and dry decision. Between oval ducts and then oval spiral ducts as well as custom duct fabrication, rectangular ducts and more there’s always something to keep you on your toes. It doesn’t really matter what kind of business you have, you can make the HVAC duct work a part of your design if that’s what you are going for. Spiral duct fabrications are a pretty contemporary look no matter what the space is like. Here are a few reasons why you might choose spiral duct for your area.

  1. Ducts that have joints can leak. This means energy loss and a lack of efficiency for the system. Spiral duct systems are made with a high quality self sealing system in order to guarantee that it is not going to leak and will meet or even exceed the industry air leakage standards.

  2. When you don’t have to worry about your ducts leaking then the cost of everything goes down. This includes filtering as well as heating and cooling and distributing the conditioned air. There are studies that show that if everything shifted to this type of airtight system, the annual energy savings would be comparable to the yearly energy production of three different nuclear power plants.

  3. Another good thing about a spiral duct system is that the pressure drop of the air that leaves the air handler is typically quite a bit lower. The way that the whole system is designed means that the internal pressure is more equally distributed and will allow the air to flow more efficiently and evenly throughout the entire system. This also leads to lower energy use.

  4. One of the main problems with indoor air quality is air leakage. It can really bring down the quality of the air inside your home or business. There is a much higher demand for fresh air intake in this day and age. People are starting to realize how good fresh air is for you. By installing ducts that are air tight, it will be more economical and environmentally friendly, making it easier to meet these standards.

  5. In rectangular duct fabrication systems there can be a problem with noise. There is a pressure differential that causes the duct to be pretty obnoxious sometimes. With all the sharp edges, dampers and turns in a rectangular system, it’s hardly avoidable. However, a spiral system does not have that problem so the noise breakout can be avoided almost entirely by smoothing out all of the edges and corners.

  6. Most facilities now have to undergo inspection of their internal duct work to make sure that it is clean enough to adhere to standards. It might seem that cleaning techniques for a spiral system would be a lot more difficult than a rectangular or oval system but that’s far from the truth. Spiral systems have an entire cleaning method that is approved and easily available. It’s very effective and not very expensive.

  7. When you set up a rectangular system you need to account for connections and reinforcements that are going to be necessary at each and every joint of the duct work. This usually equates out to about three inches around the entire system. When installing spiral duct work you don’t have to worry about those things so it takes up a lot less real estate.

  8. A mechanical engineer has to be concerned about air flow measurements. It’s part of his responsibilities when setting up a system. with a spiral system, then can be much simpler to implement. There are a lot of accurate and fairly cheap flow measuring devices that are specially designed to work with spiral ducts. These devices make it a lot easier to preform regular check ups and monitor the ducts continuously.

  9. The entire installation of a spiral duct includes the product itself as well as any parts, the labor to install in, warehousing, transporting it, packaging it and disposing of the waste. These costs are all going to be so much less than a rectangular duct. In some situations it could be up to 50% less.

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