Reasons to Schedule Your AC Service Now

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Many states across the country are experiencing an extreme cold front. States that often stay warm for many months of the year are struggling with high winds and cold temperatures. As you brush the snow off of your vehicle in the morning and crank the heat up, your air conditioner and AC service are probably one of the last things that are currently on your mind. Although it may be hard to imagine, summer will be here before we know it. There are many advantages to having AC service completed as soon as possible.

Prevents costly repairs or replacements Too many homeowners have attempted to turn on their air conditioning unit in the spring to find that it no longer works. They call out an AC service technician and are told that they need an entirely new unit. Considering that this is the same time that other homeowner?s are also experiencing problems with their AC units, you are paying top dollar for the supply. With two thirds of all homes in the United States having air conditioners, this will be an expensive time to repair or replace your AC unit.

Prepares you for hot weather In some states, there is little transition between season changes. It may seem cool one day, while the next day is met with extremely high and uncomfortable temperatures. When you choose to have your AC service now, you will be ready for the first hot temperature day. You will not have to wait weeks, sometimes months, for emergency heating and air service, attempting to stay cool the entire time.

Reduce your energy bills and usage AC units and furnaces that do not work properly will significantly increase your energy usage. You will notice a spike in your cooling and heating bills. Even if you are not using your AC unit currently, it is possible that it is costing you money. The average American home spends about 2.7% of their income on energy bills. That is about $2,000 a year. Improper installation of even your AC unit could cause your furnace or heating system to not work properly. It is more difficult to properly heat your home, resulting in reduced efficiency and increased home heating and cooling bills.

AC service contractors can also evaluate your energy efficiency and provide you with cost saving recommendations. For example, things like insulation and proper air duct sealing are just as important as a fully functioning and maintained HVAC unit. Installing insulation is generally the best single step to take to reduce energy waste. Without adequate attic insulation, up to 20% if every dollar spent on heating and cooling goes right through the roof. Regular maintenance and early AC service can actually save you a significant amount of money over the long run.

Increase home value Even if you are not planning on selling your home anytime soon, it is best to always increase the value of your home. Renovating or updating your home puts more equity into it and your home acts as a useful savings account, in a way. When you keep up with regular AC service and prevent emergency HVAC service, this can be a selling point. When you replace older HVAC units and have regular air conditioner repair and inspection services completed, you will find that it adds value.

Discounts on the best AC models Air conditioning units are constantly being improved. Newer units, however, can be expensive. They do not use as much energy and cool the home better. If you request AC service and inquire about new cooling units early, you are likely to get better deals on these new units. The demand is much less, forcing air conditioning suppliers to provide great deals and discounts.

As many states experience large amounts of snow fall and freezing temperatures, most are not thinking about the condition of their cooling units. However, there are many benefits to having AC service completed as soon as possible. You will avoid long wait times, which will decrease the servicing cost. You are also likely to get better deals on new units. You will notice a decrease in your cooling bills, saving on your energy costs.

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