Keep Your Heating and Cooling Systems in Good Repair

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Are you planning to have a new heating and cooling system installed this year? Or perhaps you just realized that you need boiler or furnace repair.

Now that the colder months are approaching, you want to make sure that your home heating unit is working efficiently and effectively. When you contact an HVAC technician to come to your home or apartment, they can inspect your heating system to determine if it needs cleaning or repair.

An HVAC technician will also check to see if there is any carbon-monoxide leakage. They will measure the levels, if any, and address the situation accordingly to ensure that your furnace is safe to use.

How much are you spending on your energy bill? In the United States, on average, people spend approximately 2.7% of their annual income on household energy bills. Heating alone usually accounts for 45% of a household’s total annual energy bills.

If you’re not experiencing colder weather, you may be concerned about your cooling costs while you are away from home at work or engaged in other activities. Were you aware that you can save money by raising the temperature ten degrees Fahrenheit?

While it may not make sense that raising your temperature will lower you bill, studies show that you should be able to save 5%-to-15%. That can make a significant difference.

You might be interested to know that when properly maintained, air conditioners usually last from 10-to-15 years. The air conditioners that are currently on the market, however, utilize 50% less energy than in 1990. As a result, you may want to consider purchasing a new one in anticipation of warmer weather.

If you live in a single family home, you are more likely to have air conditioning equipment than if you live in an apartment building. A recent survey showed that 89% of single family homes have air conditioning units when compared with 82% of apartment buildings.

It is interesting to note that in the United States, five percent of the energy produced on an annual basis is used for air conditioning. This costs homeowners over $11 billion a year.

Whether you’re considering a HVAC system replacement or furnace repair, the HVAC technician can discuss your options and assist you with making an informed choice.

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