It’s the Season of HVAC Preparation and Repair

Fall provides the ideal opportunity for an AC service that helps your HVAC system run better all year. Once you have changed your filter, you need to call a professional for the rest of the maintenance. These items include a thorough cleaning of the air duct ventilation system and cleaning the compressor. The vent cleaning removes dirt, debris, and mold from the ventilation system and creates a healthier environment for everyone. The air heating and air conditioning personnel will also clean the system’s compressor, whether indoors or outdoors, including using a specialized brush to clean the fins. They also vacuum inside it, which requires disassembly and reassembly of the unit.

You can avoid needing to call an HVAC company for complex AC repair jobs in spring by also having the HVAC maintenance team check the condensate drain line for clogs. Clogs prove an easy fix when caught early and they can typically flush your lines with a bleach mixture to address the problem before you cover your HVAC system for winter.

That’s the last act of protecting your AC ventilation system during winter. You cover your outdoor unit – the condenser unit, so no snow or other moisture can reach it. Your HVAC system will thank you when you switch back to air conditioning in the spring, plus your vent cleaning will provide you with cleaner air during winter while you run your heat.

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The fall offers homeowners with a nice break on HVAC usage. The summer temperatures have dropped, but it is not yet cold enough to turn on the heating unit. We get a couple weeks, maybe a month of non HVAC unit usage. This is the perfect time to have any needed repairs or maintenance done to prepare for the many months of furnace usage to come. It is also the best time to replace your HVAC unit, if needed. Heating and air conditioning units need to be maintained at least once per year and should be prepped for each season of high usage.

Filters on heating and air conditioning units should also be changed every few months. The filer on an HVAC unit should be changed at least once every three months. It may need to be changed more frequently if seasonal allergies are an issue or if the home is located in high pollen and wooded areas. Changing your HVAC filter regularly will help you to avoid allergens, dust and dirt that may be circulated through the air in the home.

Regular maintenance of heating and air conditioning units can prevent the homeowner from needing emergency air conditioning repair services. Most HVAC companies will see an increase in service calls at the beginning of the air conditioning season and at the beginning of the furnace season. If the homeowner goes to turn on their heating and air conditioning units, and find that it does not work, they may be left to wait for many weeks for repair. If a replacement is needed, they may be stuck without an HVAC unit for multiple months.

Heating and air conditioning contractors are the best resource for regular maintenance and for recommending the best heating and cooling systems, if replacement is being considered. Air conditioning repair services can be completed on units that require minimal repairs. However, if the air conditioning unit is many years old and requires extensive repairs, it is generally a better idea to upgrade and replace the HVAC unit. Most air conditioning repair companies also provide installation and replacement services, as well.

Homeowners will actually find many benefits in replacing their HVAC units. Today, HVAC units are designed with energy conservation, which reduces energy costs for the homeowner. They are also designed to last much longer. Homeowners, for example who upgrade to an energy efficient HVAC unit will see a significant decrease in their heating and cooling energy costs.

Proper installation of a new HVAC unit is necessary. In fact, improper HVAC unit installation can increase energy costs by up to 30%. Homeowners should always use the professional services of a heating and cooling contractor company when having a new HVAC unit installed. The contractors can also recommend additional energy saving features. For example, things like a programmable thermostat and proper installation of the attic and walls can also contribute to decreased energy bills. With proper planning and professional installation, homeowners can see a large decrease in both their heating and cooling costs.

The fall provides homeowners with a nice break from their HVAC units. This season is the perfect time to prepare for furnace usage and to have any necessary maintenance or replacements done. If a homeowner waits to long, they may be forced to wait for many months for repairs or replacements. Replacing a HVAC unit can result in decreased energy bills for the homeowner. A properly installed HVAC unit along with a programmable thermostat and properly insulated attics and walls can significantly reduce the heating and cooling costs in a home.

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