Preventing Injury With Routine Construction Maintenance


Summer seems to be construction seasons. Many cities close down their roads to improve or build onto them. They fix the cement and redraw the lines to drive between. Many homeowners and property owners choose the summer months to have home construction done to their properties. The summer months provide warmer and sunnier weather that is more predictable than the other, colder, winter months. A lot goes into the construction season, including planning, proposals, schedules, purchasing of the necessary construction equipment and equipment maintenance.

With a market share of around 10%, the United States is the second largest construction market worldwide. The country and all of its states have minimum standards and regulations set for the specific standards of country and city roads. This may be why it seems like your city is always doing construction work. They are attempting to keep up with the minimum state standards. This is mostly for the safety of the residents and those that drive on the roads.

Prior to beginning a construction job, the crew must ensure that they have both qualified construction workers and the appropriate equipment for the job. They might need an excavator for sale to pave out the roads. If they purchase an excavator for sale, they will likely purchase one that is large enough to pave many roads. They may also need to purchase additional things like, an excavator for sale attachment and other construction equipment for sale. It is probably a good idea to purchase the excavator for sale and the other construction equipment for sale in the state of the construction project. This will make it easier for travel and for transporting construction equipment that is already very heavy. When the state of Michigan chooses to begin a construction job, they will use construction equipment Michigan.

Construction equipment maintenance is also important for construction jobs. Safety needs to be priority for both the construction workers and for the residents who are driving and living in the nearby area. Safely operating these machines is of the utmost importance. 35% of on the job injuries are caused by machine accidents each year, as well as 14% of work related deaths. Ensuring timely maintenance of the machines and operation by only qualified and professional construction workers is important in preventing injury. When purchasing an excavator for sale, it is also very important to have routine maintenance done on it prior to using it. A frequent category of injury associated with heavy equipment involves mounting and dismounting vehicles. The training provided should emphasize using the 3 point contact rule, every operator mounting or dismounting a vehicle should maintain contact with the vehicle using two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand until safely in the cab or on the ground. Following the 3 point contact rule can prevent injury and it can reduce on the job accidents that occur.

The summer months are a common time for construction projects. You have probably noticed that a lot of your main roads are shut down for improvements. The warmer months provide a more weather predicted and safer time for the construction projects. Safety is the priority when it comes to construction jobs and routine maintenance should be performed on the construction equipment. Maintenance should also be done after purchasing new construction equipment, whether it be used or new. Additionally, following minimum regulations and safety rules can also prevent injury from occurring.

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