Little Known Benefits Trees Can Bring

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Who doesn’t like a large tree in their front yard? When landscaping, our trees are an important part of our lawn care. Here are some of the top benefits that trees can bring to not only your family, but your neighborhood as well.

Trees help with climate change and clean the air

One of the largest factors of climate change is the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Trees absorb this carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen back into the air. In fact, in a year one acre of trees can absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide you put into the atmosphere driving 26,000 miles.

Trees also absorb different odors and pollutants from the air including nitrogen oxides, ammonia, and sulfur dioxide. They trap these gases in their leaves and bark, therefore leaving your with fresh air to breathe!

Trees cool

It is no secret that sitting and reading a book in the shade of a large tree is a great pastime for hot summer days. Having trees as a part of your lawn will cool your entire house, and cut down on those expensive air conditioning bills!

Trees save water

The shade given off by trees helps in slowing down the evaporation from your lawn. It can be hard to give your lawn the proper amount of water it needs when it is hot out, so investing in a tree can help you maintain your luscious green lawn!

Trees reduce violence

Many studies have shown that barren homes are more prone to violence and robberies as they give signals to the assailant that no one is home. But if you have proper landscaping, the criminals will be deterred and you will have more peace of mind.

Trees prevent water pollution

Trees break rainfall and absorb the water in their trunk. This makes a makeshift filtering system, as it removes all the pollutants the water could be carrying from entering into the water supply.

If you are looking into landscaping your yard, it is important to invest in a quality landscape service that has professional experienced landscapers available for all your needs. Whether it is maintaining your tree, tree removal, or simple lawn mowing and weeding, a landscaper will bring beauty to your lawn and make it shine!

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