3 Reasons to Hire Construction Companies to Waterproof Your Basement

Construction companies

Water damage is hell to fix. Water damage repair can cost several hundred dollars to fix each time it happens which, depending on where you live, can be quite often. For storm and flood prone areas such as Long Island, New Orleans, or Panama City, people would be paying an arm and a leg every month just to fix their homes.
So why not waterproof your basement?
Construction companies, particularly those in places like Florida, virtually specialize in waterproofing. In fact, finding a contractor that doesn’t know about waterproofing would be the real issue. So what are the real, no-nonsense benefits of waterproofing?

  • Energy costs. It’s actually pretty simple, really. Waterproofing your basement will seal the area, which will prevent heat or air conditioning from exiting the home. This cuts down on electricity costs significantly over time.
  • Damage prevention. Whether your basement area is primarily an entertainment area or used simply for storage, hiring construction companies to waterproof your basement can prevent a lot of long-term damage. This is especially important if you store any kind of important paper materials — such as tax information, or even books — or food items in your basement, as paper and food are the most susceptible to water damage. Not only that, but water damage to food and paper is almost completely irreversible. It also prevents any damage to the foundation of your home, which makes it much easier for you to sell it down the line.
  • Health. Water build-up is one of the key contributing factors to a lot of mold and mildew growth. Mold spores can severely damage a person’s respiratory system. Some molds can even reach toxic levels in as little as 24 hours. This is especially important if there is an infant or child in the house, as their developing lungs make them more vulnerable to the molds, and they may develop asthma or other diseases.

Hiring contractors and construction companies to waterproof your basement is a fantastic idea for so many reasons and well worth the price of investment. It saves a lot of money in the long run in energy and damages, and can prevent a myriad of health problems from sprouting up for you and your family.

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