Want To Remodel Your Home? Check Out These Eco-Friendly Ideas

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Where do you even get started with home remodeling, anyway? You could give your bathroom design an overhaul with a new set of tiling or vanity cabinet. You could also reexamine your kitchen and install an island and a few decorative wine racks. The world truly is your oyster! When it comes to quality home remodeling, all that matters is how carefully you craft your budget. It’s always tempting to hop on the next big thing, but how meaningful is that for you personally? Your home is your castle and should be treated as an extension of yourself — if that means installing that bright pink carpet you’ve always wanted, so be it! Below is a comprehensive list of different home remodeling projects, from choosing laminate flooring to figuring out a beautiful and elegant bathroom design.

Common Forms Of Carpentry

Let’s start off with some fun facts about flooring. Did you know carpet alone accounts for 51% of the American flooring market? The year 2012 alone saw the carpet segment of the flooring industry nearly reaching 40% of American flooring sales. There are dozens of different flooring options available for your perusal, from engineered flooring to sustainable hardwood. Engineered flooring consists of a durable plywood base covered in a 1/16th or 1/8th inch layer of wood, perfect for bathrooms or basements looking to circumvent troublesome moisture. There are also hypoallergenic carpets, specifically designed for people sensitive to pet dander, pollen and mold.

Choosing The Right Flooring

If you want to choose the perfect flooring option, first consider where you want to install. Are you looking to give your kitchen an overhaul? How about your living room? Hardwood products are some of the most sustainable products around, with the US Forest Service reporting in a 2008 survey that the average annual net growth for hardwoods is even greater than average annual removals. They’re also perfect if you’re looking for reduced maintenance, as carpet should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months to eliminate the build-up of dust, mold, mites and bacteria. Natural wood flooring, however, can last up to 100 years and can be easily cleaned with a simple sweep!

Remodeling Your Bathroom

If you’re not interested in refurbishing the floor in your kitchen, basement or living room — never fear! A bathroom remodel is at the forefront of many a homeowner’s mind, as it’s one of the most frequented areas of the house and a veritable goldmine for interior design projects. A musty, dusty bathroom can really put a damper on your mood, after all! A bathroom remodel can recoup as much as 60% of the initial cost of your home, meaning homeowners with an eye on a quality ROI should check out that vanity cabinet or wine rack! A recent survey found 25% of respondents were budgeting less than $10,000 for their home remodel, so keep this in mind when perusing your local interior design magazine.

Choosing Your Home Remodeling Project

If you want to choose the right home remodeling project, consider this — you’re already off to a great start. Doing your research, from budgeting to determining materials, is the key step toward a home remodeling session that lasts for years to come. Remember that installation will take a few days, particularly if you’re installing a new hardwood floor — the sanding process is a messy one and the drying time afterwards is essential for the new product to acclimate to its new environment. You should also be careful when it comes to planning around the projects, such as buying additional materials or accumulating fees. When it comes to remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, just remember — home is where the heart is!

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