3 Things You Should Know About Having a Well on Your Property

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Did you know that over 15 million households in the U.S. rely on household wells for water, according to the Centers for Disease Control? The impact of freshwater is dramatic. Simply having a 2% drop in your body?s water, for example, can impact your short-term memory and cause you to have trouble with bath and focusing your vision.

If you are looking for a new way to access water for your household, you might be considering the option of having residential well drilling on your property. You?re not alone in this — an estimated 500,000 new residential wells are constructed every year. If so, there?s a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Often Safer Than Public Water

Did you know that 40% of the U.S.?s waters are threatened and may not serve as suitable to drink? Although the U.S. has many filtration systems in place to keep water safe, they don?t always work, and they?re not always tested as consistently as they should be. The Flint Water Crisis in Michigan undermined the faith many citizens had in the country?s ability to keep them safe — the extreme contamination issues there have been ongoing despite numerous protests from citizens and officials. That said: it?s very important to have your well water regularly tested for contaminants, both organic and inorganic.

2. Research Your Residential Well Drilling Companies

If you want good quality water and a system that works well for years, you?re going to want to hire drilling companies with great local reputations. An important part of digging a well is understanding the local water tables. If you drill too close to your home and draw on the water too much, it could essentially cause the above ground soil to settle and compact — which can cause foundation problems for your home.

3. Other Things to Keep in Mind

Changes to your water?s appearance, smell or taste are not necessarily a concern. Water with a higher concentration of minerals, for example, tends to taste different than ?flat? water. And water coming from a well that has sulphur rocks in it can sometimes have a ?rotten egg? smell but it isn?t actually harmful to ingest. If you do notice any changes in your water, though, you should contact the EPA or another state agency just to check. More info like this.

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