3 Essential Principles to Green Lawn Care

Taking care of your lawn is more important than you might realize. It says a lot about the kind of person that you are when someone can look out and see what your lawn looks like.

If you are thinking about getting a lawn service to come out and help you with this service, then you should go for it by all means. The best lawn chemical company can help you get your entire lawn sprayed down in the way that you need to make it look its best. The lawn treatment company will spray chemicals that take out weeds and pests that might otherwise cause problems for your lawn.

While you are at it, you might want to look for cheap grass cutters near me. This will allow you to find someone who can take care of grass cutting for a reasonable price.

When looking at this, make sure you consider the best natural lawn care company to make sure they are able to take care of everything that you need to do for your lawn. This is critically important because you don’t want to have to use multiple companies if you don’t have to. One service should be able to do it all for you at the end of the day.

Updated 07/14/22

When you want to keep your lawn looking great and your weeds at bay, you need to find an affordable lawn care service that can do the job. When you are looking for a company that does independent lawn care near me, there will be plenty of companies to choose from. When you look at the reviews of them, you can soon find the best of them and hire them for your lawn.

Getting lawn and yard care is important for the curb appeal of your house as well as maintaining the outdoor areas. Many homeowner’s associations require the lawn to be no more than a certain length. With a company that will take care of the lawn, you can stay within those guidelines. Your lawn care pay will go toward keeping your outdoor spaces looking good.

When you want your lawn cared for aside from mowing, you need a lawn weed and feed company that will do all of these things. With the services of one of these companies, you can keep the lawn looking lush and green. With the lawn mowed regularly, fed, and the weeds suppressed, you can have one of the best-looking lawns around your area.

Having a lush green lawn really improves your home’s curb peel. If your lawn looks dilapidated and sparse, your entire house looks run down. In some neighborhoods, the homeowners association actually requires that you maintain good lawn care.

However, using professional lawn care can take a toll on both the environment and your wallet. As much as 60% of the nitrogen from fertilizers used to keep a lawn green ends up in the ground water that we drink. Not to mention, the chemicals used in lawn care are often not safe for pets and natural wildlife in the area. It is estimated that 60 to 70 million birds die from pesticide poisoning as a result of non-organic lawn care methods every year. Some estimates even suggest that approximately 10 times as much pesticides are used on American launch van in the entire American farm industry combined! It is critical for the future of our planet that homeowners start adopting safer lawn care methods.

For this reason, green lawn care is quickly gaining popularity across the United States. Green lawn care is simply the ideology of maintaining a happy, healthy lawn through organic methods that do not impact Mother Nature. If you are interested in cultivating environmentally friendly lawn care practices, we’ve listed a few ways to implement green lawn care in your own home below.

Three Green Lawn Care Principles

  1. View your soil as a living organism.
    The dirt you walk on is the home for millions of creatures all the way down to a microbe size. When left to themselves, these organisms have a intricate ecosystem that they use to maintain life. In nature, some creatures breakdown waste to produce nutrients for the plant life, some creatures have a symbiotic relationship with the plants, and destroy pests that harm them. When left to its own devices, nature has an uncanny ability to balance itself.


    The principle behind green lawn care is to support this natural ecosystem to achieve your ultimate goal, rather than destroying it. Choosing organic fertilizer nourishes the healthy organisms in the soil that reduce pest populations on their own and support at lush lawn. On the other hand, using a chemical fertilizer introduce is toxins to the environment that run into lakes, rivers, and groundwater. These chemicals have a harmful impact on the organisms in the soil, as well as pets and even humans themselves.

  1. Test your soil.
    Your soil is the blank canvas for which your lawn grows. When you spend money on fertilizer, you’re basically just buying a whole bunch of different nutrients that your lawn may or may not need. Giving it the wrong balance (and excess of) nutrients can actually have a negative impact on the grass itself, not to mention the other plant and animal life in the area (see our previous point of the delicate balance in which nature thrives). An important principle in environmentally-friendly lawn care is only introducing nutrients or amendments that the soil needs.


    You can find soil test kits for less than a dollar that will tell you exactly what nutrients your soil lacks. By running a simple test, you can determine the levels of each essential nutrient in your soil: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, lime, and sulfer. By understanding what you’re soil has and what it lacks, you can create a natural lawn care fertilization plan that perfectly meets its needs, without throwing the ecosystem out of whack.

  1. The right grass is a critical part of organic lawn care.

    They may look similar, but not all breeds of grass are created equally. Some grass grows tall, while some is short, some thrives in full sun, well some grass needs shade. Some grass can withstand drought and traffic, while some is more delicate these factors. Using a breed of grass that naturally grows slowly (reducing you need for energy guzzling lawnmowers) and resists disease (reducing your need for pesticides and minimizing the water intake) is a big part of environmentally safe lawn care. To understand the best breed of grass to use, talk to your local nursery or green lawn care specialist about your lawns particular environmental factors.

Do you have any other eco friendly lawn care practices that we didn’t mention? Please continue this discussion in the comment section!

Environmentally friendly lawn care

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