3 Common Plumbing Maintenance Issues to Know and Be Aware of

Serious bathroom leaks can affect other parts of the house. If the bathroom floor starts to become flooded, the water might actually reach other rooms. There could be small cracks in the walls that aren’t immediately obvious.

Water is capable of getting through even tiny holes in different walls. Once it’s there, it can cause mold or mildew. The rooms near the bathroom can easily become flooded themselves, especially if the leak is bad enough.

An after-hours plumbing service might stop this damaging problem from getting worse. The after-hour plumber near me can do something about leaks and clogs. Some indoor bathroom floods are caused by certain bathroom clogs.

If the bathtub is full of water and won’t drain, the after-hour plumbers near me will have the equipment to drain it for you. Customers won’t have to worry about the water causing additional issues. Calling organizations that offer septic pumping services can be just as important.
When you contact an always-open plumbing service, you won’t have to wait for the next day to resolve the problem. In these situations, some plumbers can reach your home in under an hour. Even waiting a full hour is better than waiting for a day or more.

Virginia water systems

Knowing high-quality residential plumbing professionals to handle your plumbing maintenance is right up there with knowing a good mechanic. You never realize how valuable they are until you really need them. Unfortunately, by that time it’s probably already too late.

Every home has water systems that need to be properly maintained and fixed in order to keep water flowing freely. Just because your home is new doesn’t mean your in the clear either. Your home’s plumbing services might be connected to older pipes that are in dire need of plumbing maintenance. If you’re considering having work done on your system you’re not alone. About a quarter of Angie’s List members have replaced their sewer and 3% say it’s a project in their imminent future, according to a recent online poll.

Here are a couple of common plumbing maintenance issues that you should be aware of.

  1. Leaky Faucets: Even the smallest drip from a faucet can have pretty serious side-effects. A faucet that drips twice per minute will end up costing you about a gallon of water per week. Today, 5 to 10% of American homes have plumbing maintenance issues that drip away 90 gallons a day, on average.
  1. Frozen Pipes: The possibility of pipes freezing is something that makes every plumbing expert shudder. Anytime the outside temperature drops to 20 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 6 degrees Celsius), there’s a chance of pipes freezing. This will eventually lead to broken and busted pipes, which can have a detrimental impact. In fact, a one-eighth inch (3-millimeter) crack in a pipe can release more than 250 gallons of water per day.
  1. Backed Up Drains: Drains can become clogged, or backed-up for a plethora of different reasons. From a child accidentally dropping a small toy down the bathtub drain, to a neglectful adult dumping used cooking grease down the kitchen sink. Once your drains become clogged you’re probably going to need a professional to help you alleviate them.

Plumbing maintenance might not be the most glamorous of professions, but it is certainly one of the most important to rely on when it comes to proper home maintenance. Remember, prevention is best, but when a problem does arise don’t wait or it will only make it worse in the end.

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