Americans Are Spending Billions on Renovation Projects — Let’s Meet the Tools They Use

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The real estate market has predictable fluctuations. You’ve probably heard the terms “seller’s market” and “buyer’s market” before, and that’s pretty much how the housing market behaves. Sometimes, market conditions mostly favor sellers of homes, and sometimes they favor homeowners who are looking for a new property. Even if you’re no real estate guru, you’ve probably at least heard these terms before.

What you may not know is that the remodeling industry is also quite large. We’ve all likely been involved in renovation projects in our homes before, whether that be some light cleaning and maintenance to full on refurbishments and replacements. In total, it is estimated that American citizens spent about $130 billion on remodeling projects in 2013 alone. Clearly, there are a lot of options available to homeowners looking to make some changes around the home.

The reason for these renovations aren’t always tied to the desire to sell a home. In fact, a study conducted recently found that homeowners who were remodeling their homes were doing so because they planned to stay there for years to come. The changes made are made to make the house more comfortable for the owners, according to about 66 percent of those surveyed. 53 percent of those surveyed also claimed to have no intention of moving in the near future.

Remodeling remains popular even when buying a new home is economically infeasible due to fluctuating market conditions. Between 2013 and 2015, about half (48 percent) of homeowners surveyed planned to remodel, build onto existing rooms, or customize their homes.

Should you go down any of these roads, you’ll want to invest in some of the best materials and tools available to remain as cost effective and efficient as possible. CNC tooling has been some of the most popular among homeowners in recent years for those very reasons. There have been several advances in the CNC tooling market in recent years, and one would be hard pressed to find more effective wood cutting tools, plastic cutting tools, or other custom tooling options on the market today.

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