Are You Worried Your Home Has Bed Bugs?

More people travel now than ever before. Airplanes make global travel relatively easy and affordable, especially compared to early points in history. Unfortunately, increased travel also allows pests, such as bed bugs, to cross the globe as well. Across the world, many people are struggling to kill off these pests, and many of these bugs first hitched a ride in a traveler’s piece of luggage. If you find these pests in your home, you’ll want to contact a bed bug guy right away.

Bed bugs are among the most resilient and difficult pests to control and exterminate. Thus, if a homeowner finds bed bug mold on the mattress, they need to contact experts ASAP. Dealing with the vermin quickly can slow if not stop their spread. Fortunately, folks can often find a bed bug exterminator inspection service offered by local pest control companies.

Delaying may result in more expensive bills. Perhaps the infestation starts with something found under a mattress in the spare bedroom. If the bedroom isn’t being used, the pests won’t be a threat, right? Next thing homeowners know, the bugs have spread not just to other bedrooms, but also to the couch in the living room and boxes of old clothing stored in the basement.

If you live in the Garden State of New Jersey, it should probably come as no surprise that you could have bugs. Extermination in NJ is a priority for many home owners and business owners. Rather than fear an outbreak of cockroaches, ants, or silver fish, many Garden State residents are proactive and schedule monthly exterminator visits.
It is pretty alarming to know that even though cockroaches are insects they can travel as far as three miles in a single hour. This means that their six little legs are spreading germs and bacteria on their speedy little mission throughout your home. Left unchecked, these bugs can create a dangerous and unhealthy situation. Adults and children with asthma are especially susceptible to remains left by a hidden cockroach colony.

While cockroaches are large and sometimes easily seen, a much smaller bug can cause even more problems and lead to costly extermination and pest control charges. Bed bugs. Alarmingly, the three top areas where exterminators in NJ and other areas find bed bugs are:

  • 95% say they find bed bugs in apartments and condominiums
  • 93% say they find bed bugs in single family homes
  • 75% say they find bed bugs in motels and hotels

These statistics indicate a continued trend that exterminators in NJ and other states have been noticing since 2013, and a significant increase in bed bug problems over studies from five just five years ago. A pest control service is able to provide professional exterminators in NJ and help you feel safe again in your own home.
While cockroaches and bed bugs can create visible food spoilage and bites, another insect can cause damage to the hidden parts of a home. Certainly no less serious, termite damage can go unseen for months. Although they may initially be unnoticed, termites damage at least 600,000 homes in America a year. In fact, Americans spend nearly $5 billion a year to control termites or repair the damage they have done.
The best pest control service provides monthly, bi-monthly, or twice a year service options. Rather than staying awake at night and worrying about the creepy crawly things that may be damaging and infesting your home, why not use one of these regular visit options from the qualified and trusted professionals in your area?
You know as well as anyone that neither a garden, nor the Garden State, are all that much enjoyable if the bugs have you running in fear. Eliminate your nightmares, as well as the bugs themselves, by calling a professional exterminator today!

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