Appliance Repairs – What To Expect And What It Will Cost

Appliance repair frankfort

Part of being a homeowner is knowing that eventually those appliances you count on day in and day out are going to break down and need some kind of professional attention – hopefully just a simple repair. When it happens, it’s always a surprise, and we don’t have any choice except to get it fixed as quickly as possible. And one of those labor-saving devices that is in almost constant use is your dishwasher. How often can you expect to face having to pay for dishwasher repairs?

If you’re lucky, your hardworking dishwasher should last you about nine years, on average. But about 20% of them break down in the first three to four years. So dishwasher repairs may be in the forecast even if your unit is new.

Perhaps because of how hard they work, the expected lifespan of a typical dishwasher is shorter than those of other major appliances. Clothes washers will go 10 years, electric or gas dryers last 13, refrigerators are also good for 13 years and a gas range oven should work for 15 years without needing to be replaced.

But that doesn’t mean those other appliances are less trouble-prone. Refrigerator repairs will often be necessary in the first three to four years – specifically 36@ of side-by-sides with ice makers and 28% per cent with top or bottom freezers with ice makers will break down during that period. You’ll need to make front-load washing machine repairs on 25% of them at the same rate. So, at 20%, dishwasher repairs are actually somewhat less prevalent than many others.

Factor in dryer repair and oven repairs, and your average cost to have an appliance fixed was between $254 and $275 in 2014.

So although we don’t give it much thought until we’re faced with the problem, it’s a good idea to keep some money set aside to deal with that emergency repair in case it occurs.

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