Office Water Coolers Are More Than Just a Hangout Spot

Water dispensers

Most people may think the best part of have an office water cooler is having the opportunity to take a few minute break as well as socialize with coworkers. However, they may understimate how much drinking this water actually effects their producttivity at work.

While the social aspect of coolers are great for new employees to meet and mingle, drinking water can have an equally positive effect on their job. The physicality of dehydration reaches much further than most people think.

It’s been found that even mild dehydration, amounting to about 1 to 3% of bodyweight, can actually impair many aspects of regular brain function. It can end up completely zapping energy, increase fatigue, and affect overal mental clarity. This is an easy fix if the amnswer is simply to drink a few glass of water.

When these symptoms do hit, it’s likely that many people will attest them to a heavy workload or lack of sleep. What they may not realize is how large of an impact some what could have on their state of mind.

In a study testing the effects of water on headaches, participants actually reported experiencing “total relief” from the headaches within just 30 minutes of consuming water. All it took was an average of two glasses.

Imagine if people stopped relying solely on Tylenol and other pain medications in lieu of having a few glasses of free water. A simple stroll over to the office water coolers could be all you need to back into the swing of things.

Another matter to keep in mind is how dangerous dehydration can be to your health. If your water loss reaches between 9 and 12% of your total body weight, it can actually be fatal.

Most people would hopefully feel that their job and their life are worth taking five minutes to grab a drink from the office water cooler.

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