Energy Bill Too High? You Might Need To Replace Your Windows


When is the last time you checked the quality of your windows? If you live in an especially storm prone area you could be at risk for weakened frames, broken glass and financial losses from improperly prepared windows. Impact windows and impact doors are specifically designed to handle even the toughest winds and can save you a significant amount of money on repair costs. Stronger windows can even reduce your air conditioning and heating bills! Let’s take a look at the top four ways you can curb your energy losses and keep your home safe from the elements.

Hurricane Resistant Windows

Worried about hurricanes? No problem! The best three materials available to keep wind and hail at bay are aluminum, vinyl and wood. High-quality impact resistant windows are able to stand up to storm winds at 200 miles per hour or less, which is good news for homeowners and bad news for ornery weather!

A Lengthy Lifespan

Replacing your windows isn’t a temporary investment. A new set of quality weather resistant windows can last up to 20 years on average and, when combined with reducing heat losses, will save you hundreds of dollars every year. Your energy bills, in particular, stand to benefit from higher quality windows.

Windows And Your Energy Bills

Heat and cold can leak through your windows and cause you a lot of frustration in the more extreme seasons. If you’ve ever wondered why your heating bill seems to get higher every month, this could be why! The average home loses around 30% of its air-conditioning energy because of poorly designed windows, so a window installation can lower your energy bills by as high as 15%.

Home Value

Did you know that replacement windows can create a return on your investment by as high as 78%? Good windows are a feature any budding homeowner or buyer will appreciate down the road, alongside the aforementioned qualities of reducing heat loss and protecting from the weather. Rain or shine, your windows and impact doors should be able to handle it all!

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