Proper Pipe Maintenance Will Prevent Problems

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No one expects a flood to happen to them but nearly 250,000 Americans experience water damage from pipes freezing that ruins at least one room in their home. The problem is that in homes with inadequate insulation, pipes will freeze when the temperature drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It does not take a large crack in a pipe to do a lot of damage. A crack as small as one-eighth of an inch can cause the pipe to gush 250 gallons of water per day. This destroys floors, furniture, walls, basically just about everything. Tis kind of property damage is the second leading cause of homeowner loss. When this happens, the importance of timely plumbing repair cannot be overstated.

Proper plumbing maintenance can prevent this from happening at all. Here are some tips to help you prevent the need for the emergency plumbing repair like what is needed when a pipe freezes and cracks.

  1. Keep an eye out for any leaking. Small leaks can do a lot of damage even as small leaks but they rarely stay small. They grow to become big leaks if left unchecked. Many residential plumbing repairs are from small leaks that were either ignored or just not seen. The same can be said for commercial plumbing repairs. Keep an eye on your pipes and call a plumbing repair service at the first sign of any leak, no matter how small. Look for signs of a leak. These include damp cabinets or closets, a toilet that rocks or a leaking faucet. All of these things should be checked by a professional plumbing repair company.
  2. Work to resolve any problems as soon as you find them. Moisture corrodes areas around cracks but also causes mold and mildew growth and that does a lot of damage as well. If you move your refrigerator and you see puddles, do not be fooled into thinking small ones are better than large ones. That extra water could just be seeping into the floor where it is causing hidden damage that can lead to the need for serious renovation and that is very costly.
  3. Do you know how to shut the water off in your home? If your toilet begins to gush, do you know how to turn the water to it off? Make sure you know how to turn off the water supply to all the water producing appliances. This is true for residential plumbing and commercial plumbing spaces. Make sure you know how where the main shut off valve is for the building but also for individual appliances.
  4. What kind of pipes do you have? If your water starts to have a brown tint, that means the pipes have begun to rust and you need them to be checked by a plumbing repair expert as soon as you can. The corrosion can lead to a break and a leak and then water damage.
  5. Can you fix small problems? If you own your own home, it is worth it to learn how to fix small things so that you do not need a plumbing repair company all the time but also because that can help stop a problem sooner. Proper maintenance of your pipes can save you 10% on your water bill.

It may not be fun to think about plumbing but it can save you in the long run.

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