Is Your Gutter Going to Make Your Roof Cave In? When to Get a Pro Involved

Metal roofing

Even though the average home’s gutters last 30 to 40 years or more and only need to be maintained and cleaned a few times a year, gutter cleaning still ranks among homeowners’ least favorite home chores. Periodic contracting with roofing contractors who also clean gutters is increasingly in popularity among homeowners who do not have the time to do the maintenance themselves.

Homeowners are also contracting with home repair services pros for minor roofing repairs in addition to gutter cleaning and maintenance. The vast majority of roof leaks will occur wherever the roofing material is slightly damaged, due to weather or sometimes trees on the property that drop leaves onto the roof. Even a light covering of leaves can retain water and damage roofing materials long-term.

About 80% of roofs have a layer of asphalt, which should be examined by a roofing professional at least once a year to check for leaks and larger areas of potential damage. Gutter cleaning tools should be used after installing gutters and after roof cleaning or minor roof repair to prevent waterlogged pipes, especially in fall and winter.

Heavy leaf fall onto roofs that are either asphalt or newer, durable metal should get a professional gutter cleaning (with gutter cleaning tools that will not damage the gutters’ material or create leaks) should be done about four times yearly, experts recommend. For light leaf fall on the property’s roof, it’s advised to contract for cleaning biannually.

Gutters can be up to 6 inches across, with downspouts ranging from six to 12 inches square. Since many homeowners do not enjoy the chore, they may forget to call in the professionals for regular maintenance. But experts recommend staying ahead of potential damages, which could be much more costly in the long run.

Regular gutter maintenance and minor roof repair could add value to the home in the long run, and are both highly recommended by professionals who have repaired hundreds of gutters and roofs.

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