How Often to Change Your AC Air Filters and Other Money Saving Hacks

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We all like to save money. If we can help the environment while doing so, it’s an awesome bonus. Usually, when you save energy though, you’re saving money; a win-win! With the influx of the do it yourself and going green movements, minor home improvement has gone from a contractor’s job to an internet savvy layman’s job. Below are some easy tips that can save you money and reduce your carbon foot print.

Your HVAC System

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning — basically, it’s your home’s AC. By making a few air conditioning modifications, you’ll be saving money in no time. Be sure to change those air filters every 2 months at a minimum. If you have allergies or live in a highly polluted area (big cities), you’ll want to either upgrade to allergen reducing air filters or change them more often. Do you have pets or an abundance of dust bunnies in your home? Changing your HVAC air filters every month not only removes the unwanted dust or pet dander, but will keep your system running smoothly. Not cleaning your air conditioning coil causes a build-up of dirt, mold, and debris, which causes your system to work even harder. If you’re unfamiliar with cleaning it, you’ll want to look into hiring an air conditioning repair specialist. He can get you running at top efficiency quickly by checking your ducts and repairing any problems you may not see.

Small Changes to Save You Money

Your HVAC system isn’t the only way to cool and worm your house quickly. To disperse more air during the summer you should keep your ceiling fans spinning counter-clockwise, but during winter you should flip the switch to spin clockwise. The breeze from a ceiling fan can actually make the room feel 4 degrees cooler. During winter, instead of running small space heaters constantly which eat up energy, try covering your bare floors and opening curtains to let in the sunlight. Only use space heaters for a short time when you feel you absolutely need them.

Use Your Appliances Wisely

You may think your appliances are just there to suck up energy, but you can actually use them to your advantage to save you money. Is your refrigerator pretty old? Replacing it with a newer model will actually cost you less to run than your older fridge. Keeping your freezer and fridge stocked full will save you money each time you open the door. How? The more items you have in your fridge, the less air movement there is, so each time you open the door, less cool air is sucked out. This will only work if the seals on your fridge work so check them often! Consider air drying your lighter clothing and combining multiple washed loads of clothes into one drying load to save even more. Don’t forget to vent your dryer outside to avoid cooling down that hot air!

With just a few changes it’s very easy to get the most out of your home and save money while doing so. What are you waiting for? Start saving now!

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