3 Simple Ways to Prevent Moss From Growing on Your Pavers

If you have a yard, you’re likely looking for ways to make it more enjoyable to spend time in. One way to do so is to install a patio. Patios provide outdoor seating and socializing, which makes them great for parties. The average cost of outdoor patio can get expensive, so you should make sure you plan ahead before installing one. Look at some examples online and see what kind of design you want. Cool patio pavers can get expensive, but can also make your yard look unique and beautiful. You could look into porcelain paving companies and see if colorful porcelain fits into your budget. From there, if you know how to install patio tiles, you can do it yourself to save money on labor.

However, you’ll be more secure if you hire someone to do the work for you. Building a paver driveway or patio is a skill, so you want to be sure it’s done well. This is especially true if you’re investing a lot of money in beautiful pavers. Invest as much money as you can into the project in order to get the best results.

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If you’ve recently invested in new patio pavers or pool deck pavers, keeping these pavers looking new and beautiful for as long as possible is likely a high priority on your list.

However, doing so can be difficult, especially when you consider that moss will grow pretty much anywhere — and your pavers provide the perfect environment for moss. Seeing moss in between your pavers can be incredibly disheartening.

Luckily, preventing moss from growing between the cracks of your brand new brick pavers or travertine pavers doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Here’s a quick, easy three-step guide to keeping moss off your gorgeous new pavers:

Keep your pavers clean

Keeping your patio and pool deck pavers clear of leaves, dirt, mulch or other debris is one of the first steps in keeping moss at bay. You can usually do this by simply sweeping your pavers once per week or using a leaf blower. By keeping natural, organic debris off your pavers, you can prevent moss spores from taking hold.

Keep your pavers dry

Secondly, you will want to keep your pavers as dry as possible. If any water accumulates on the surface of your pavers after a thunderstorm or rainfall, simply use a broom to brush it off. This is especially important if your pavers are located in the shade and out of the sun. You may want to have problem areas repaired so water immediately runs off rather than pooling on top of your pavers.

Quickly remove any moss that appears

Lastly, if you do discover moss growing in between your pavers, be sure to remove it as quickly as possible. If left unchecked, this moss will spread rapidly and take root between your pavers, making it much more difficult to get rid of.

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