Do Your Pets Have Digestive Problems? You May Need Water Filters

Iron water filter cartridge

In The Washington Post, veterinarian Michael W. Fox is sounding the alarm bell about the quality of the drinking water we give to our cats and dogs. Most pet owners never give a second thought to filling up our beloved pets’ water bowls with tap water, but more and more vets are warning about the potential dangers of unfiltered water.

Tap water can contain 2,100 different kinds of contaminants. In the U.S., 268 million of us draw our drinking and bathing water from a communal water system, which contains chlorine and other chemicals designed to kill bacteria and ensure high water quality. But that chlorine can cause health problems as well; for instance, when chlorine is heated, it can release dangerous vapors harmful to your health.

Dr. Fox and other veterinarians like him are now recommending that urban families invest in city water filters to ensure the highest levels of water purification. One reader who took the vet’s advice said the results were apparent in a matter of days.

“I bought a water purifying system for my cats and me,” wrote a pet owner identified as G.C., Duluth, Minn. “In a few days, they were drinking more water, and they now have few, if any, digestive problems…We take water for granted, but what comes out of our taps, as my cats confirmed, might not be fit to drink.”

The water from your tap might not cause you any direct health problems, but veterinarians are finding that many cats are chronically dehydrated. But installing a city water filter in your home can help encourage your pets to drink more water. Plus, a home water purifier can improve the health of everyone who lives under your roof, whether they walk around on four legs or two. So if you’re concerned that your pets aren’t drinking enough water, consider the benefits of city water filtration.

Dr. Fox recommends a reverse ionization city water filter, but you can also invest in reverse osmosis water purification systems as well. No matter what kind of city water filter you choose, consider testing the water quality of the water you’re probably taking for granted.

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