Buying a House Somewhere Else? Remember These 3 Facts About Selling Your Home Yourself

Selling your house fast

Are you buying a house in another location? If so, you may find that you need to sell your house quickly, and you might even need cash to move into that new one. You may think that putting your house on the market and undergoing the long process of making a sale.

If you’re eager to move, that can delay the process of buying a house even further.

The process of selling a home can take a lot of time.

The average sale for a home can last anywhere from 30 days on a fast market to up to nine months in a much slower one. As a result, selling your house fast may not be a reality depending upon your local real estate market. Even some of the best real estate markets can still make sellers suffer through a slow season or two. If you don’t want to take that gamble, you may want to consider other options for your sale.

Selling a house through an agency can be expensive.

Going the traditional route and selling your home through a real estate agent doesn’t just take precious time. It’s also a costly expenditure. The average real estate’s commissions can be as high as 6% of a home’s final sale price. That means that if you’re selling a home for $100,000, $6,000 of that goes to your agent. For some families who need to get out of a house fast, that might be a big budget cut for those who are buying a house somewhere else.

More people today are choosing to sell their homes to cash buyers — and on their own, too.

Have you seen other sellers list their home as For Sale By Owner? FSBO, or “fizzbo,” homes account for 13% of all sales today. Most often, these homes for sale wind up being real estate bought for cash, which means that buyers don’t need financing. Most often, these buyers are investors looking for great properties in a particular area. This is highly convenient for anyone looking to sell.

If you want to sell a house fast, weigh your options in your particular market. Only you can properly assess these risks and rewards, but don’t be afraid to reach out to local resources, either.

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