HVAC Systems are an Important Investment

It is to your advantage to check in on HVAC services from time to time to see how they have changed. You might not be in need of an AC repair job at the moment, but a failure in your system can strike at any time. It is a lot better to be prepared with a search for AC heating and cooling near me than to simply hope that your system doesn’t go down at any point. With this in mind, you should search today for an AC supply house near my location on your computer to see what local services have begun to filter into your area.

Remember, your air conditioner and ventilation system are highly valuable pieces of equipment that have high price tags and can be the lifeblood of what you need to stay cool during the harshest of summers. Why not have someone on standby to help you when the weather takes a turn? You could roll the dice and hope that the weather stays pleasant, or you could get ahead of the curve and just hire a quality repair tech to get the job done properly the first time.

Two-thirds of all homes in America have air conditioners so it should come as no surprise that air conditioners cost U.S. homeowners more than $11 billion a year. Regular maintenance can keep your
heating and cooling system running efficiently and protect your investment. Most service contracts include twice a year scheduled inspections. One inspection takes place just before the hot summer months begin and the second inspection takes place just before the cold winter months. In between, homeowners are asked to change the system filters on a regular schedule. Many companies, in fact, will provide you with a magnetic sticker to remind you of the filter changing recommendations.Maintaining a home’s heating and cooling systems is an important task for any homeowner. Ideally, from the day a new unit is installed, the homeowner will pay for a service contract with the air conditioning services company that completed the installation.

Construction managementIf it becomes necessary to replace the units in your home, installing one of the energy efficient heating and cooling systems is a smart choice. If the system you are replacing is old enough it is possible that your local utilities district will offer a rebate or rate reduction for installing an energy efficient model. In addition, switching to high-efficiency air conditioners and following other guidelines to keep your home cool could reduce energy use for air conditioning by 20% to 50%. An air conditioning unit with high energy efficiency ratings will also help the environment.

In some major cities across the country, utilities services provide other incentives to help lower your heating and cooling costs. In Omaha, Nebraska, for example, utility customers can save up to $45 a year by enrolling in a voluntary program to cut use during peak energy times. Participants agree to let their home thermostats be controlled by the utility district four brief time periods three days a summer and three days a winter.

Even though the most energy efficient models are the newest ones available, saving energy has long been important to the HVAC industry, the government, and the consumer. As new technologies develop, however, the efficiency ratings become even more important. In fact, the lowest efficiency allowed by law for new gas furnaces is 78%. Some of the newest models, however, achieve 97% — near-total efficiency.

Heating and cooling systems account for about 48% of the energy used in most homes in America. Doesn’t it make good sense to work with dedicated professionals who will install the most efficient HVAC system and follow the guidelines to maintain it?

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