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Will the heat index affect your air conditioning

Home repairs and home improvements can come with a hefty price tag.

Whether you prefer to do your own handy work or you’d rather hire a professional, it’s vital that you keep up to date with your household care and maintenance.

Now that we’re in the summer time, a big issue for most people has to do with AC units. Because AC units tend to run on a constant loop, they can easily bust and break, leaving you and your loved ones to suffer the heat.

If you come to find yourself asking, “What should I do if my A/C is leaking water?”, it’s safe to say you’ve come to have a broken AC unit.

Air conditioner repair can be expensive, so it’s better for you to take preemptive measures to avoid having to pay for heating and cooling services.

For those who wonder, “What should I do if my A/C is leaking water?”, it’s best to check the surrounding machinery. What you might think as a leak from the A/C could actually be some condensation coming from your furnace.

Just like A/C repair, furnace repairs should also be at the top of your lists of things to do around the house. Indeed, faulty heating and cooling parts can be dangerous and costly.

To be safe, try a simple solution: changing your filters!

Accordingly, HVAC air filters should be changed and cleaned at least one every 90 days; by doing this regular maintanence, you can avoid heating and cooling repair. If an HVAC unit is maintained the right way, it can have a lifespan from anywhere between 12 to 15 years, at least!

Wouldn’t you rather do the work now and not have to cop to the consequences later?

To protect your heating and cooling system, another preemptive measure you can take is to have a properly ventilated attic; this can reduce energy costs by up to 10-12%! Outside of your house, be sure that your heat pumps and air conditioning units have a minimum of two feet of clearance all around. Inside of your home, use fans to help you circulate cool air quicker, which will better help your AC unit function easily and effectively.

With a few slight tweaks here and there, you can have your home running properly in no time!

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