Important Factors For Your New Floor

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If you’re looking at the different flooring options available for your home, it’s easy to get lost in the choices. What’s going to be the best choice for your home? It all depends on which elements are most important to you. Here are some basic breakdowns for how different floor options can meet your needs. Here’s what to choose if you’re looking for:

Longevity – When considering what kinds of floor options are going to last you the longest, you should consider the amount of care required. With proper maintenance and minimal traffic, a woven carpet can last you 20, even up to 30 years. Hardwood floors can last even longer, depending on the hardness of the chosen wood. (And conditional moisture levels.) Generally, laminate flooring will be able to last the longest, because it has fewer susceptible damages.

Cost efficiency – Hardwood flooring is definitely the most expensive to install, costing around $4000. Having carpet installed will usually only run you around $1000, where laminate flooring averages around $2000. Considering the lasting power of each, this really just comes down to the size and purpose of the room you’re going to be flooring.

Style – The room you’re deciding on can influence the type of floor you pick, too. You may be part of the 44% of Americans that prefer carpeting in the bedroom, for a soft, cozy, warm way to wake up every morning. That being said, you may not want to pick carpet for your kitchen or dining room, if only to decrease the risk of spills. But these rooms usually benefit from the sleek elegance of hardwood, or the easy to clean and maintain laminate flooring.

No matter what choice you make, your local flooring specialists can ensure that you get the best deal for your new floors. Check out all the different options available today.

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