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A home is an investment, but what happens when you need to quickly sell your home quickly? We buy houses locally! Selling a home on your own could take 30 days in an ideal setting and up to 9 months in a slow market. Today the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) market accounts for a total of only 13% of home sales. Here are several reasons why you ought to consider selling your house fast for cash if you’re in the St. Louis area.

We all remember when the do-it-yourself craze first took off. In reality however, staging is difficult and not always rewarding. The 2012 HomeGain Home Improvement Survey (a survey of 500 real estate professionals) found that staging is the fifth best thing you could do as a seller in order to add value to your property. But experts say that as a rule of thumb, you can add 20% to the final estimate for any job, household fix, or renovation. Furthermore, while some projects are more effective than others, most did not return 100% of the renovation cost at resale according to reports. In addition to the cash investment, one ought to consider that the most popular home renovations for adding value to a property take an average of between two and six months to complete. These are things to consider when looking to sell a home.

Senior Sellers
Surveys have found that around 7% of over-65 households relocate each year. 70% of senior citizens living in assisted living settings in the US moved from a private home or apartment. We buy houses in any state, making it easy for the seller to live in rental homes without the burden of house maintenance.

Stretch Your Dollar Farther
In these days we are all trying to get the most out of our investments, but did you know that if you sell your home through an agency, the commissions paid to those agents may run as high as 6% of your home’s final sale price? Furthermore, going through a broker actually reduces the selling price of a typical home between 5.9%-7.7%. Why go through all the hassle when we buy houses ? Sell your house fast, let us take care of the staging while you sell the house as is to our team of investors!

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