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50 Shades of Garage Doors: Rubber, Belts, and Chains

Securing your garage is one of the most important things to do because you do not want thieves entering your house. There are plenty of garage doors that you can use to secure the area. Each of these doors comes at a different price and offers different levels of security. So you have to choose a garage door that will offer you maximum security depending on your neighborhood. For instance, if you live in an insecure area, you need to look for custom garage door tracks to ensure that your house is fully secured. A sectional garage door would also provide you with security and a stylish look.

When installing a garage door, you have to consider various things but not just security. Aesthetics is one of the things to consider, especially if your garage door is visible to passersby. Among the various doors that you can choose are a 2 bay garage door, a 2 panel garage door, and a 3 section garage door. These types of doors are known to offer you the necessary security and also make your house look stylish. If you love modern house designs, the garage door is one thing you should focus on to ensure it matches the current designs.

UPDATED 7/28/20

Putting in garage doors. What’s the big deal? They’re just panels of wood that slide up and down so you can lock up your car at night, right?
Garage doors are oft-overlooked pieces of curb appeal and safety, and your lifestyle may actually drastically change what type of door you need.
The Door Itself
Start with cosmetics. If you’re looking to buy or sell, pay attention not only to the outer side of the door (Is it clean? Does its style match the rest of the house?) but also the garage door opener. This is the actual mechanism that reels up the door, and depending on type it can be loud and rattly.
If you’re looking to buy, test that thing. See how loud it is and what rooms the noise affects. Your kids certainly wouldn’t appreciate sleeping above the garage if you have to leave for work before they get up.
If you’re selling, it may be worth investing in a new garage door opener. Get a shiny new door with it and you could see an 85% return when making the deal.
The garage door opener is what affects noise most, and there are actually three different garage door openers popular on the market.

installing a garage door track
  • Chain-drive garage door openers use — what else — a chain to pull open the door. They tend to be cheapest, but also the noisiest.
  • Screw-drive openers use a threaded-steel rod. They’re quiet, but need to be kept lubricated. Squeaky garage doors can be worse than rattly ones.
  • Belt drives use rubber belts. These are quietest, but most expensive.

There’s always a trade-off, so research your brands and figure out what exactly it is your house needs in regards to its garage door opener.
Keypads, Remotes, Security
The device which signals the door to open is just as important as the device that does the opening. There are small remotes which you keep in your car so you don’t have to get out to open the door, and here are keypads which hang just outside the garage door into which you must input a code (lifesavers if the remote runs out of battery).
After quality of the garage door materials , this is the most important aspect of garage door safety. If a thief gets a hold of your code or remote, your garage and possibly your house are easy pickings. Go over your options and invest according to your comfort level in the neighborhood. This is not something you want to skimp on.
If your garage door jammed or is otherwise acting weird, your best bet is a professional home garage door repair service. Lots of local companies offer home garage door repair and servicing that will keep this part of your home valuable and properly functioning.

home garage door repair

An integral aspect of garage door repair is to keep you home safe and secure. The garage is often used as storage for many expensive items, including workshop tools, sporting equipment, and, of course, your cars. The garage is also separated from the rest of the house, meaning if someone got into the space the homeowners may not be aware until it is too late.

Putting in a garage door is a massive job that is best left to a professional. Installing a garage door track requires a level of know-how and experience that can make the work difficult to the average homeowner. Putting in a garage door in a way that is faulty can make your garage unsecure. Protect your home and belongings and enlist in the services of a garage door installation professional today.

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