Manufacturing in the US is on the RISE

Industrial textile manufacturers

Manufacturing is on the rise in the United States. Americans are seeking homegrown solutions for manufactured goods, and companies in the U.S. are working to provide for the increasing demand. Technology continues to expand daily, creating newer, more effective, more cost efficient products to meet the needs of growing industries. There are limitless arenas that manufacturing companies are seeking solutions for. You may not realize how many individual applications the manufacturing industry services.

A Seat in the Sky

Each day, more than 8 million people fly in an airplane. In 2012, 33% of business trips included air travel. 30% of Americans polled stated that more comfortable seating is the biggest improvement airlines could make. Over 40% responded that increasing leg room would be the biggest possible improvement. Flyers are concerned about comfort, and aircraft fabric suppliers are competing to offer cost efficient solutions to this ever expanding industry.

A Night at the Movies

The National Association of Theater Owners estimates that there are over 5,300 indoor movie theaters in the United States. 62% of American adults visit the movie theater yearly. Adults over the age of 21 are three times more likely to visit a movie theater than a bar or night club on a regular basis. It is clear that Americans are looking for a comfortable seat when frequenting a movie theater. Commercial fabric manufacturers offer many solutions to this expanding market. Newer theaters are offering more luxurious seating options than ever before.

The Manufacturing Market

There are limitless arenas that manufacturers are looking to provide for. Automotive fabric suppliers seek to offer new materials to an expanding auto industry. They also seek to offer mass transit seating solutions. Geotextile manufacturers offer landscaping, construction, and nursery solutions with new synthetic fabrics. Commercial fabric manufacturers are working on the materials of the future that will extend the life and utility of everyday products.

With expanding technology and a national movement towards products made in the United States, the manufacturing industry is on the rise. There are new opportunities being created each day in many different industries. The outlook is very promising, and there are no signs the industry will slow down any time soon.

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