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General Tips for Repaving Your Driveway

Updated 2/16/2021

What are the benefits of paving services? When harsh weather conditions such as rain and wind, sand is washed away. In return, the surface becomes damaged to the extent it cannot be repaired. The washing away of soil is risky since it can cause skidding and sliding on the road.

Paving services prevent the damages that occur on the surface, hence creating a safer surface. What are the benefits of asphalt in paving?

Rough surfaces reduce the control of the driver while increasing fatigue.

Asphalt roads are smooth, reducing the friction between the pavement and tires, hence reducing carbon dioxide emissions and better fuel economy. Black tar asphalt is beneficial for both residential and commercial paving.

Using high quality black tar paving materials guarantees durability.

How much does blacktop installation cost? Amongst the benefits of asphalt, affordability is vital. Asphalt paving services are easy to install and also less expensive to repair. Pavements made of asphalt can be modified to improve water drainage, protect the drivers during harsh weather conditions and avoid skidding for users. Asphalt has a wide range of uses ranging from driveways and roads.

The material is also used in residential and commercial building projects, barn floors, athletic courts, and running tracks.

Concrete driveway stillwater

The 100th snowstorm this season has finally melted. You’re feeling good. After all, you can see out your windows! How novel! But all this hope quickly dissipates when you venture out on your stoop and assess the state of your concrete driveway. You’re horrified. You knew it was over two decades old and that you should probably redo it for that reason alone, but you figured you could wait until your next Christmas bonus. Now though the ice and rock salt have exacerbated what were once small cracks and the driveway looks like the set for a Lord of the Rings scene–in Mordor. You’re going to have to repair it, and without the aid of concrete contractors because you are stone cold broke.

If any of the above daymare resonates with you, have no fear. Hundreds of people redo their driveways themselves every year and live to tell the tale (as do their wallets). Concrete resurfacing is not impossible for the DIY hopeful, but the devil is definitely in the details. Before responding to your urgent “repair concrete driveway” instinct, consider following some of the common sense advice below.

Solicit advice. Don’t assume you know everything or that the directions on the back of the concrete bag are all there is to the process. Before pride goeth the fall, after all. Just like bakers who adjust online recipes in the comments, chances are an experienced DIY person will have some little-known tips for you. And best of all, they’re probably willing to divulge them for free.

Speaking of the directions, follow the directions! After getting a general picture of what to do from your friends, visit your nearest Home Depot or like store and get what you need. Ask good questions and read everything. Don’t just do what you do in front of the Denny’s menu and pick the picture that seems the nicest! The bushes on the packaging are no good if you find out your concrete mix isn’t compatable with the base you chose.

Wait for warmer weather. You’re probably eager to get the front of your home looking neat again. We understand; no one wants to live in Mordor. But for best results, wait for a week in the 70 degree range and don’t forget to dampen the surface before starting to aid the curing process and strengthen the overall structure.

Finish strong. Consider highlighting the awesome job you did by investing in concrete stencils for texture or a good cement stain. Cement stain especially is a great way to add an extra layer of protection and take your driveway from serviceable to stylish. Just remember when choosing a cement stain to consider the overall color scheme of your home. “Tuscan Brick” may look good on the shelf but if you’ve got a house with vinyl siding or a basketball hoop in the front yard, it might look a little silly.

Go on now and do some Google searching. Knock on some doors. Write up a question list. And don’t forget to come back and tell us how the project went! We would love to see some snapshots of your handy work.

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