Three Floor Materials and Their Benefits

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Homeowners have a ton of responsibilities when it comes to decorating and repairing the house (including one of the most relentless chores on Earth, cleaning). People may not put much thought into their house’s floors but if you think about it, floor materials make a world of difference. There are just so many floor patterns and floor textures to choose from; it’s no wonder homeowners and home buyers spend a considerably long time deciding on what kind of floors they want to install or replace.

Floors, of course, are incredibly important in interior design but believe it or not floor installation comes with more than one benefit. To better show just how valuable (and useful) floors are, here is a list of three floor materials and the advantages that come with them


    Hardwood: Wood floor materials is one of the more popular materials available. Hardwood can be found in roughly 34% of all homes in the United States according to a Houzz survey. Perhaps one reason why they’re so popular is that they can actually increase property value. The National Association of REALTORS found that about 54% of home buyers claim they would pay more for a home with hardwood floors.

    Carpet: Carpeting is also a very popular choice among homeowners. Besides its fuzziness, homeowners like carpet because it can actually reduce the level of allergens inside the house. A recent study from Sweden, for example, found that allergic reactions in the general population went up by 30% as the use of carpet when down by 70%.

    Tile: Tile’s sleek look can be found in 23% of homes according to Houzz. One huge advantage of tile flooring is that many tiles are environmentally-friendly. Linoleum, for example, is made from completely natural ingredients such as flax seeds, pine resins, and ground cork, and is 100% biodegradable.

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