How to Sleep Like You Live in Basement

Blackout curtains

Humans of all shapes, sizes and lifestyles have trouble sleeping. Some try Ambien, some try meditation, some are even prone to laying in bed for hours and waiting for sleep to come. What you may not have accounted for, though, is that your sleep may be getting interrupted by light. But traditional blinds won’t do. You have to go for premium window shades like blackout curtains.

As of Spring last year, nearly 30 million Americans had purchased window treatments in the last year. Many purchased to address privacy issues or to address heat loss, because window treatments can minimize heat loss by around 10%. But what some might not consider is that window treatments like plantation shutters and blackout curtains can help people get in tune with the evening and ready for bed.

When you install your new plantation shutters or curtains, be sure to install to block out light entirely. For complete darkness, do floor-to-ceiling drapes that go 18 inches past each side of the window. Also be sure that they can slide open so that when the time is right, you can let the light in. A dark color can ensure that all light stays out but you have to let the light in sometimes.

Sleep tight, my friend and you are welcome for the advice! Sleeping is a vital part of our lives. It effects how we communicate with other people and what our general life disposition. If this doesn’t work, keep on trying things because a poor sleep schedule can really put a damper on things.

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