Sick of Pesticides? Go Chemical-Free with an Organic Lawncare Company

Organic lawncare

The United States is one of the world’s biggest consumers of synthetic pesticides. In fact, each year, the country collectively spends about $700 million on lawncare alone. The average lawn in the U.S. gets a concentrated dose of synthetic chemicals, making it more pesticide-laden than farmland. The worst part is that most people don’t even think twice about using these chemicals to get rid of weeds and bugs in their lawns.

Think it’s time to give up pesticides? These three reasons to use an organic lawn service may help to convince you:

    1. Organic treatments are better for the environment. Most people begin using weedkillers and pesticides on their lawns to make them look greener and neater. However, this process comes with a serious price. Pesticides on lawns can seep into groundwater, which can have a seriously negative effect on any community. Pesticides in groundwater have been linked to all kinds of diseases, including birth defects. If enough toxins are present in a water supply, it can force a city to shut down a well, as has happened in California and other states. Hiring an organic lawncare company in your area is one of the best steps you can take to protect the drinking in your area.

    2. Going pesticide-free is safer for you and your family. Ever notice how lawncare companies have to place signs on yards that say to keep off the grass after the area has been sprayed with chemicals? That’s because there are so many chemicals on these lawns that they can easily travel on your shoes or feet and get into the house. From there, they can contaminate your living space and even present health problems. Children and pets who go outside after a pesticide application can be at serious risk if they like playing on the lawn — even after you’ve removed those signs. To ensure that your family has an environmentally-friendly and safe lawn, try using the services of an organic lawncare company.

    3. Your lawn will look just as great — if not better — when you choose organic lawncare treatments. Many people believe that synthetic chemicals are the only way to go without realizing they have other options. One reason why it’s so important to consider organics is the quality of your yard’s soil. Because pesticides on a lawn can kill off between 60% and 90% of that yard’s earthworms, the quality of the soil is also affected because those worms are a necessary part of the ecosystem. With bad soil also comes poor growth for plants, which means your yard could look worse over time.

Have more questions about going pesticide-free with an organic lawncare company? Ask in the comments section. For more information, read this website. Read more.

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