A Basic Guide to Aerial Lifts

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One of the most important things about working in construction or any of the various industries that fall into that category is having the proper equipment to execute a job in the right way, and safely. Having the right tools is essential for getting any job done, and renting is usually the way many contractors choose to go to acquire the equipment they need. Here is a quick refresher about aerial lifts and what to do if you need to rent one.

What is an aerial lift?
An aerial lift is a piece of construction equipment that is used to give workers temporary access to a place they would otherwise be unable to reach — usually vertical heights. Most aerial lifts include a platform for a worker to stand on and a base. Aerial lift parts also include controls and switches to be able to navigate the equipment.

What types of aerial lifts are there?
There are a few different types of aerial lifts, but the two main types are boom lifts and scissor lifts. A boom lift has a long arm, which has a few different joints and has a greater range of movement than a scissor lift. The way a scissor lift is designed only allows the platform to be raised or lowered, with no horizontal movement aside from the base.

What should I do before renting one?
There are a few things contractors should do before getting any construction equipment rentals, let alone aerial lifts or aerial lift parts. Always make sure that the company you’re renting from has a good reputation and has the right equipment you’re looking for. Then, make sure that you’re insured so you’re protected in the event that something happens while your workers are using the equipment. Lastly, make sure that all of your workers are well trained and properly licensed.

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