The Appeal of Modern Furniture

Modern furniture

Modern furniture has become more and more popular in recent years. If you’re wondering, “Where can I buy modern furniture?”, the answer is really quite simple, as more and more furniture companies have been producing pieces in the modern style. The term ‘modernist’ style is in reference to furniture from the late 19th century to now that was influenced by the modernist style.
So What Defines Modernist Furniture?
To understand the modernist style, one must first understand the modernist movement. In the 20th century, the modernists approached art, music, design, and culture in a much different way from their predecessors. After the devastation of WWII, they were in favor of designing revolution instead of evolution, which they saw a a smooth progression of history. They argued there could be no smooth progression of history. Instead, radical changes needed to be brought about. The modernist art and design aesthetic looks for discontinuity, disruption, and what is unexpected. It rejects realism or traditional values/styles.
Therefore, modernist furniture is very clean cut and simplistic. It has straight and clean lines and fabrics, usually in neutral colors. It rejects the heavily and ornately decorated pieces of the Baroque era, for example.
Modernist furniture focuses on practicality-both in materials and design. Materials like metal, plywood, or glass were very popular in constructing modernist furniture.
The Appeal of Modernist Furniture
Contemporary furniture can be appealing for many reasons. It has many options for the customer and provides a space with a sleek, contemporary look, which is comfortable as well as stylish. The pieces tend to be elegant and symmetrical. Since the modernist movement was about practicality, the pieces tend to be more compact and require less furniture pieces, giving the customer more space to work or live in. The modernist style often appeals to urban dwellers.
So Where Can I Buy Modern Furniture?
The good news is that modern furniture comes from a variety of different price points. If you’re a college kid or newly graduated college student, the question “Where Can I Buy Modern Furniture” can still be asked, without breaking your bank account. IKEA, for example, is known for their modern style and offers piece at reasonable prices. For those with a larger budget, there are specifically modern furniture stores. Regular furniture stores also often sell a wide variety of modern pieces. Antique shops or auctions are great places to find authentic modern home furniture pieces from the late 19th century. Online retailers are also another great place to find authentic and discounted pieces.
The other good news is that modern furniture tends to blend well with a classic style. For this reason, many office buildings, hotels, or upscale apartments tend to go with a suaver look in modern furniture. If you’re looking for that sleekness in your life, consider checking out modern furniture as a possible style for your apartment or house.

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