Advantages of Installing a Split Air Conditioning System

Ductless heating and air conditioning

Split system air conditioners differ from typical heating and air conditioning units in that they don’t require extensive HVAC ductwork to be effective. Most split system air conditioners come with an outdoor unit that compresses the air and several indoor units with their own compressors.

Here are some reasons that split system air conditioners are such great HVAC systems:

  • Easy to Install: Since you won’t need to put in any ductwork, your split system units will be fairly simple to set up. Your indoor unit can be as far as 100 feet away from the condenser outside. You’ll only need to make a small hole in the wall to allow the control wiring and copper tubing to connect the units. Outdoor condensers may even be able to go on your roof.
  • Easy to Maintain: Maintenance for split AC systems is relatively simple. Filters are washable and only need to be cleaned every so often. Both indoor and outdoor units are easy to access, repair and maintain, unlike systems with ducts which can be harder to get to.
  • Simple Controls: Each unit in your home will come with a remote control so you can adjust the temperature easily for each zone of your house. You’ll also be able to use a wall mounted thermostat to change all your units at once.
  • Quiet Operation: Most split system AC units are so quiet that you’ll barely even notice they’re running. Even the outdoor units can be installed close to a home without causing a major disturbance.
  • Dual Purpose: Many split units can provide cool and hot air from the same unit, so you can get your home temperature exactly the way you want it all with one system.

Talk to your local HVAC contractor to find out if a split system air conditioner would work in your home!

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